Fiction - Drama


A Coming-of-Age Story Beneath the Alborz Mountains
By Sandra Ann Heath

It would be interesting enough to read about an intelligent, likable, very observant seventeen-year-old who is entering womanhood, with all the burgeoning emotions and forays into first love and passion that such a story entails. But add to that the stress of being a “military...

It's a Man's, Man's World, But...

By Slava Kozakov

It's a Man's, Man's World, But... by Slava Kozakov is a novel that will appeal to sport fans and readers who love stories that are character-driven and that are well-narrated. Kyle Murphy is a kick-boxer who is poised for his first professional fight at Caesar's...


By Michael Phillip Cash

Clutch Henderson is one of the most legendary poker players of all time. He’s playing toward the dream of owning the prestigious gold bracelet. Just moments away from the prize, his dream is squelched by Adam “Ant” in combination with a massive heart attack. Clutch’s...

The Trumpets of Jericho

A Novel
By J. Michael Dolan

The Trumpets of Jericho: A Novel by J. Michael Dolan is a historical novel that explores one of the horrible moments of history — the horrors of Auschwitz. Taking the reader through the daring 1944 Jewish uprising at the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz, the...

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Apricots and Wolfsbane

By K.M. Pohlkamp

“My target focused upon me. His hand shook, reaching out in a misplaced plea for aid. Instead, I raised my goblet in a final toast while he turned purple. He glanced towards his spilled glass, and then studied my face with new understanding. With his...

Love of Finished Years

By Gregory Erich Phillips

In 1909, Elsa Schuller was sixteen years old, living in the Lower East Side of New York City with her German immigrant family. Four years previously, her parents, Tobias and Nina, her older sister, Sonja, and baby brother, Anton, crossed the ocean to find a...

Amy, The Story Of A Coram Foundling

By Angie Northey

Amy: The History Of A Coram Foundling is written by Angie Northey. Amy began life as an orphan in the Coram Foundling Hospital, where she received very little love, but was given a lot of rules and regulations to follow. Amy always tried her...

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V4 Vengeance

Hitler's Last Vengeance Weapons Are Going To War
By Nigel Seed

V4 Vengeance: Hitler’s Last Vengeance Weapons Are Going To War is a terrorist thriller by Nigel Seed. Major Jim Wilson, desperate to find a job after the British Army downsizes, accepts an assignment from Romanoff, a wealthy Russian, to search for a hidden World War...

Protect Me Not

By Joanne Vivolo

Protect Me Not by Joanne Vivolo is a powerful novel that explores the themes of love, abuse, and family, and one woman’s quest for inner freedom. Mary owns a well-established and lucrative brokerage firm with a vast clientele. Her success has her face plastered on...

Forest Dancer

By Susan Roebuck

Forest Dancer by Susan Roebuck is an interesting story with wonderful characters, a story that fans of Polina will adore, beautifully crafted with characters that are genuinely flawed yet decided on bringing out the best in themselves. Flora Gatehouse has just recently lost her father,...