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Chosen of Trees and of Talons

By Jeff Pryor

Chosen of Trees and of Talons by Jeff Pryor begins after a devastating war. Once the Arnesians were defeated, their king, Je'Hail Mulnaro, had to surrender his life along with his wife and last Truthseer in exchange for his people’s survival. Although they’d foreseen that...

Fried Windows

In a Light White Sauce
By Elgon Williams

Fried Windows: In a Light White Sauce by Elgon Williams is a creative romp through the imagination. Brent Woods's life is fairly ordinary: a job at a computer store, happily married, and he has three kids. When he makes a routine delivery to a house...


Forbidden Things Book 1
By Nikki McCormack

Nikki McCormack’s Dissident is the first book in the Forbidden Things series, an epic fantasy that is well written and structured. Indigo is a gifted young woman with an extraordinary ascard power, but society only allows her to use a limited amount of her power...

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The Black River Chronicles

The Ursvaal Exchange (Black River Academy Book 2)
By David Tallerman, Digital Fiction

The Black River Chronicles: The Ursvaal Exchange by David Tallerman is the second book in the Black River Academy series, a compelling story that features magic and characters that are as genuine as they are relatable. Student ranger Durren Flintrand has been through much trouble...

Hoffnungslose Ziele

A Dark Journey of Lost Causes
By Kevin Reinholz

Hoffnungslose Ziele: A Dark Journey of Lost Causes by Kevin Reinholz is set against the backdrop of 19th century Europe, with most of the action taking place in Prussia. The reader is immediately introduced to Anna, a young girl who is excited about her friend....

Curses of Scale

By S.D. Reeves

Curses of Scale by S.D. Reeves is a journey of magic and self-discovery. Teenager Niena has one dream: to attend an elite college to become a bard. Just as a dragon awakens and terrorizes the land, Niena takes advantage of an opportunity and runs away,...

The Vengeance of Snails

Penny White Book 4
By Chrys Cymri

Penny White and the Vengeance of Snails by Chrys Cymri is the fourth book in the Penny White series. After being dismissed from a church in Lloegyr, Penny is ready to put her failure behind her and return to her church in England, but the...

Possessed by a Vampire

Immortal Hearts of San Francisco Book 4
By Susan Griscom

Possessed by a Vampire: Immortal Hearts of San Francisco Book 4 is the story of two very different vampires. Preston, known as Elvis to his friends, has loved it from the moment he made the transition. But Lily never wanted it, didn’t ask for it...

The Snow White Files

The Twisted Files Book 1
By Sonya Black

The Snow White Files by Sonya M. Black is the first book in The Twisted Files series. Brendan Hunter left his father's life of magic and politics, but it always seems to find him again. He finally has his life the way he wants it,...

The Fall of Lilith

Fantasy Angels Series Volume 1
By Vashti Quiroz-Vega

The Fall of Lilith (Fantasy Angels Series), a high fantasy by Vashti Quiroz-Vega, starts with Book I: Heaven, where Lilith and her fellow angels reside in the bright realm of Floraison. Their life is peaceful but not entirely carefree, as God has set many rules...