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A Tall Titillating Tale
By Ron Weinkauf

Six: A Tall Titillating Tale by Ron Weinkauf is a smooth amalgamation of humor, science fiction, and adventure that makes this story really entertaining. The narrative is almost lyrical, which gave a new depth to the story. The story begins when our hero comes across...

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Zombie Mage

By Jonathan J. Drake

Readers will find a hidden gem, oddly enough, in Jonathan J. Drake's Zombie Mage. There is a dark and chilling tale within the fantastical plot, but it isn't as grotesque as one might expect from a novel that includes zombies. Olligh Selthnik awakens in a...

Second Genesis

By Janet Maile

I liked Second Genesis by Janet Maile. Science fiction is my first love. I will read almost anything, but I really love any good story about the future. I have read a lot of them, starting with the classics by people like Heinlein, Clark, and...


By Rebekkah Ford

‘Some birds cannot be caged, and I’m one of them,’ says the title character in Ameerah by Rebekkah Ford. Ameerah is an eighteen-year-old young woman living in the heyday of Prohibition, living her life by her rules instead of those of her upper class, snobbish...

Champions of the Dragon

Epic Fallacy Book 1
By Michael James Ploof

Champions of the Dragon by Michael James Ploof is the first book in the Epic Fallacy trilogy. In every generation, five are chosen by the Most High Wizard Kazimir to be the Champions of the Dragon. The five chosen are unlikely companions: Murland is an...

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The Marker Chronicles, The First Trilogy

(Books 1 - 3 of Horror and Dark Fantasy)
By Danielle DeVor

The Marker Chronicles by Danielle DeVor is The First Trilogy, Books 1 - 3 of Horror and Dark Fantasy. Three books, the story of Jimmy Holiday. Jimmy used to be a priest until he was defrocked. Now he has turned to exorcism at Blackmoor, a...

The Nosferatu Chronicles

By Susan Hamilton

The Nosferatu Chronicles: Origins by Susan Hamilton is a science fiction novel unlike any other. Having left their home planet of Vambiri in search of another planet capable of sustaining life, the Vambir find themselves on Earth in the 15th century. They accidentally stumble upon...

My Kingdom, Your Heaven

By Scott C. Davis

My Kingdom, Your Heaven by Scott C. Davis is a fantasy novel that would appeal most to a diverse audience of young adults and adults who enjoy fast paced mystery/fantasy novels. The book takes place during the time period of the American Civil War and...

Beginner's Luck

By Jon Wlodarek

When Durvious leaves his home to pursue a life of adventure, he has no idea just how soon his adventures will begin. An encounter with a forest of enchanted, sentient trees with homicidal tendencies leaves him badly injured. He liberates Fergusson, the son of a...

Water Viper

A Jesse Alexander Novel
By RJ Blain

Starfall changed everything, leaving some cities in ruins while survivors in others developed magical abilities. Jesse Alexander, once the pride of her clan, ran away after accidentally choosing to become a woman and is now a respected bodyguard who moonlights as the infamous assassin, Water...

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