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Satyr’s Son

A Georgian Historical Romance (Roxton Family Saga Book 5)
By Lucinda Brant

Satyr’s Son: A Georgian Historical Romance is book five in the Roxton Family Saga by Lucinda Brant, a compelling historical romance with memorable characters and a great plot. The setting is London, in 1786, and Lord Henri-Antoine is back from a Grand Tour to a...

Not My Idea

By Bethany Swafford

In Not My Idea by Bethany Swafford, Lucas (aka Luke) has just returned home to Bywood Hall, the family estate. He’s been on a grand tour of Europe. As the second son, he is not expected to take over his father’s estate. With his own...

Traitor's Knot

By Cryssa Bazos

Traitor’s Knot by Cryssa Bazos is a riveting historical romance set against the backdrop of political turmoil, a historic moment in the English Civil War. It’s England in 1650, King Charles I has just been executed by Parliament, and the country is experiencing a semblance...


Intrigue, Romance and Murder at a Nazi POW Camp On a Georgial Coastal Island.
By J.R. Rogers

Nazilager by JR Rogers tells the story of a Nazi Panzer brigade captured in North Africa, shipped across the Atlantic Ocean and imprisoned in a prisoner of war camp in Georgia in the United States. The camp has been hastily constructed in a small seaside...

The Devil Wears Red

Book Three of the Tewkesbury Chronicles
By Jo Gillespie

The Devil Wears Red: Book Three of the Tewkesbury Chronicles by Jo Gillespie is the third entry in the Tewkesbury Chronicles, a historical novel set in 1781. The French have just joined the Continental Army in their fight against the British. The reader is introduced...

Full Circle

A Refugee's Tale
By Joe Vitovec

Full Circle: A Refugee's Tale by Joe Vitovec is a gripping historical novel that recaptures the horrors of World War II and the suffering inflicted on many people by the Nazi occupation, and the Communist regime that would transform Czechoslovakia into a place of oppression...

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The Year of Five Emperors

By Robert Eckert

Reading a long book is a challenge for most people, and when the focus of that book is ancient Rome, as it is in The Year of Five Emperors by Robert Eckert, that challenge is probably more than many readers would accept. But if the...

Tears and Trombones

Based on A True Story
By Nanci Lee Woody

It isn’t surprising that Tears and Trombones is the winner of the Independent Publishers medal for “Best Fiction in the Western Pacific Region” because of the great storytelling craft and the exceptional prose readers will find as they begin to read the story. Nanci Lee...

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The Investor

By Paul C. Ho

The Investor is an historical young adult adventure novel set in the Alaskan Arctic, written by Paul C. Ho. The little village of Noatak was experiencing the massive changes that affected nearly all of Alaska with the discovery of gold. Not only was there the...

Raiding the Empire of the Sun

Tinian 1945
By Kit Crumpton

Raiding the Empire of the Sun: Tinian 1945 by Kit Crumpton is a compelling historical story that takes readers on a rollicking ride through the events of WWII, a setting that comes across in the novel with vivid clarity. Based on the true experiences of...

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