Fiction - Holiday

A Christmas Masquerade

By Melissa H North

In A Christmas Masquerade by Melissa H. North, Kingsley Radcliffe is a man with a heart of gold, a man who lives the Christmas spirit each and every day. When he receives a mysterious Christmas gift containing a riddle, he and his friend, Ezra, and...

Christmas Glitter

By Ann B. Harrison

One of the things I liked most about Christmas Glitter was the overall theme of making choices. Both Dakota and Adam have had some life changing events happen in their lives recently, and Ann B. Harrison’s tale is about the choices they make. Do they...

Heart Note

A Christmas Romcom Novella
By Cassandra O'Leary

Heart Note by Cassandra O’Leary is a Christmas romcom novella set in Australia. Lily Lucas is the manager at the perfume store counter in a large department store. With Christmas just around the corner, the store is full of Christmas cheer and decorations and Lily...

The Unannounced Christmas Visitor

By Patrick Higgins

The Jensen family - Lydia, her husband John, and their two children, Matthew and Grace - are the main characters that help to teach us the true meaning of Christmas and the reasons for loving Yahweh. The Unannounced Christmas Visitor by Patrick Higgins begins three...

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A Shangri-La Christmas

By Elizabeth Player

A Shangri-La Christmas by Elizabeth Player starts out with Beth getting a phone call from Tina, her mother's neighbor, telling Beth that her mum had taken a fall and was in the hospital. Beth immediately packed a bag and jumped on the sleeper train to...

Love Notes in Christmas Falls

Return To Christmas Falls Book 6
By Beth Labonte

Love Notes in Christmas Falls by Beth Labonte is a continuation of the Return To Christmas Falls series, built around the small Tennessee town of Christmas Falls. When Caitlin Cook graduated high school and headed off to Harvard with a full scholarship, her future seemed...

Christmas, Alabama

By Susan Sands

In Christmas, Alabama by Susan Sands, the story follows Rachel Prudhomme’s new life in the town of Ministry, Alabama. After all the suffering due to her father’s behavior, she is now trying to overcome her fears in order to trust men again. Dr. Nick Sullivan...

More Trouble in Loveland

Timeless Romance Single, Book 6
By Jennifer Peel

More Trouble in Loveland: Timeless Romance Single, Book 6 is a holiday-themed contemporary romantic comedy novel written by Jennifer Peel. Charlee’s life was chaotic at best. Her dad was getting married to Felicity on Christmas Eve, and Charlee still had her finals to face before...

Honeymoon for One in Christmas Falls

Return to Christmas Falls, Book 2
By Jennifer Peel

Honeymoon for One in Christmas Falls: Return to Christmas Falls, Book 2 is a holiday-themed contemporary romance written by Jennifer Peel. Piper Wyatt had been the girl most likely to succeed at just about anything she put her mind to -- until she fell for...

Return to the Town Beneath the Christmas Tree

By J.R. Wirth

Return to the Town Beneath the Christmas Tree: Twisted Family Holidays is a holiday-themed novella for young adults and preteens written by J.R. Wirth. While this year’s Christmas cheer was still subdued in a big way by the deaths of Jacob and his mom, there...

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