Fiction - Holiday

A Christmas Masquerade

By Melissa H North

In A Christmas Masquerade by Melissa H. North, Kingsley Radcliffe is a man with a heart of gold, a man who lives the Christmas spirit each and every day. When he receives a mysterious Christmas gift containing a riddle, he and his friend, Ezra, and...

A Shangri-La Christmas

By Elizabeth Player

A Shangri-La Christmas by Elizabeth Player starts out with Beth getting a phone call from Tina, her mother's neighbor, telling Beth that her mum had taken a fall and was in the hospital. Beth immediately packed a bag and jumped on the sleeper train to...

All I Want for Christmas is a V.R. Supercube

By Dan Absalonson

All I Want for Christmas is a V.R. Supercube by Dan Absalonson is a short story that gives a different perspective on bullying. Written from a first person point of view, Alfred, who has a history of being bullied by Blair, overhears a conversation between...


By Fia Essen

Ariel by Fia Essen is a tale of discovery. Ariel Morton used to have the perfect life. Penthouse apartment, fabulous boyfriend and a job that she loved. Until it all disappeared. Her boyfriend left her with little explanation, she lost her job and she’s now...

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A Deal with a Stranger

A Romantic Mystery Novel set in Sardinia
By Martina Munzittu

After her boyfriend dumps her on her birthday, Clara is having the inevitable break up blues like a normal person would. However, a mysterious woman, who introduced herself as Lucilla, is having none of it. She criticizes Clara's old car and gives her a new...

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