Searching for Jimmy Buffett

By Frank Mosco

"Searching for Jimmy Buffett" by Frank Mosco is a hilarious political satire novel. Frances Camilla Freewater was always a straight “A” student and all was well in her world till she made a trip to Africa. This is where her adventure begins and she is...

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Storm Chaser

By Mark R. Hunter

Storm Chaser by Mark R. Hunter is a contemporary romance that should keep the readers of this type of genre thoroughly fulfilled. The story revolves around the two main characters: Allie Craine, a photographer, and State Trooper Chance Hamlin. They meet up by chance during...

Smokin' Seventeen

By Janet Evanovich

In the latest Stephanie Plum book, Smokin' Seventeen by Janet Evanovich, Morelli's aunt Bella put a hex on Stephanie, causing a huge pimple to pop up in the middle of her forehead. As though that wasn't bad enough, Bella put a second hex on Stephanie...this...

Seeing Red

A Romance Comedy
By Linda S Amstutz

Bailey is in a lack-luster marriage when she engages in a relationship with the divorced father of her daughter's best friend. Bailey appears ripe for adventure and she soon engages in a sexual relationship which leaves her feeling excited and valued. It appears that the relationships...

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