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By Aidan J. Reid

What if you were trapped in a nightmare? Forever. (What a great hook line!) Norman Adams, a regular guy drifting through life, meets an old librarian, Mr. Breagal, who lends him a handful of books about dreams. Shortly afterwards, Norman becomes involved in a serious...

Film Noirs and Mini Bars

A Sterling P.I. Series
By John Kemp

Things go south for a private investigator acting as a bodyguard when his client turns up murdered in the stimulating murder mystery novel, Film Noirs and Mini Bars (A Sterling P.I. Series) by John Kemp. Once a member of the police force, Sterling is now...

Terror on Squall Island

An Emma & Aly Paranormal Mystery
By Christina M Mutch

Entangled by the web of wickedness created by a deceased man, a terrified young woman is forced to join a wealthy recluse imprisoned on a private island by an evil entity in the chilling paranormal mystery novel, Terror on Squall Island (An Emma and Aly...

Monsoon Rising

The Nomad Series
By David Lee Corley

Monsoon Rising by David Lee Corley is a riveting and gripping entry in The Nomad Series, a thriller that is as tantalising as it can get. Billy Gamble is a hunted man, a man accused of theft and Eve Donoghue is charged to bring him...

Skeleton Trail

By Kasey Riley

The discovery of a mummified body that had remained hidden for many decades in the hollow of an uprooted tree opens up an old murder mystery dating back to the nineteen thirties, unleashing a deadly and determined killer in the enjoyable mystery novel, Skeleton Trail...

The House Always Wins

A Vegas Ghost Story
By Brian Rouff

“Oh, it’s not really gambling when you never lose.” - Jennifer Aniston. The House Always Wins: A Vegas Ghost Story is a paranormal fiction tale by Brian Rouff. Small town reporter Anna Christiansen finally gets a serious assignment to cover a band performing locally. She...

The Boat House

By Jana D Barrett

The Boat House by Jana D. Barrett takes us inside the world of the very wealthy, the very powerful, and the sometimes mentally unstable. Genevieve Vandermere–Anderson is eighteen, but for the last six years she has lived with the horrible guilt that it was her...

Unshielded Past

By Patti Morelli

Unshielded Past by Patti Morelli is a sequel to Shielded Past, a story that features interesting elements of mystery and thriller, strong and rock-solid characters, and endearing pathos that rubs off powerfully on the reader. The story revolves around a cast of characters, each burdened...

Eye of the Moon

By Ivan Obolensky

In the scintillating supernatural mystery, Eye of the Moon by Ivan Obolensky, two young men battle family discord and the forces of the occult. Percy's parents had no place for him in their busy lives and left him with their close friends, the Dodges. Percy...

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The Druid's Cup

By Janet Maile

“There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet.” – W.B. Yeats. The Druid’s Cup is a mystery by Janet Maile. Esther, who has amnesia, starts communicating with Estrila, a woman from medieval times. Estrila needs help to find a treasure, but Esther’s...