Mr. Smoke

By Robert Preston Walker

There is much more to Damon Gray than meets the eye. He is a gifted pianist. He has an enhanced bond with his parents. He was only fourteen when they were murdered by a Terrorist Bomb. At that moment, Damon visited the Elsewhere for the...

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Mediterranean Madness

By Andrew J. Rafkin

Andrew J. Rafkin follows his 5-star novel Creating Madness with an epic read Mediterranean Madness. His latest book continues the story of O.R.C.A. Retired Navy Seal, Commander Reef Johansen, and former Greek Secret Service agent Alexis Mikos work together to keep the United...

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Monday Night Jihad

Riley Covington Thriller Series #1
By Jason Elam, Steve Yohn

Jason Elam and Steve Yohn have combined football and action to produce a that book readers will not be able to forget. Riley Covington was a former Special Ops. After his stint in Afghanistan, he was offered a chance to return to his dream, pro...

Misplaced Image

A Christian Novel
By Dloyd Hedrick

Dloyd Hedrick’s Misplaced Image is a tale of fiction that could well be reality. World leaders band together to create a one-world government known as the World Union. There were no more nations; now there were SECTIONS. One man was elected by SECTION members to...