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And We All Fall

By Michael Patrick Mahoney Jr.

And We All Fall by Michael Mahoney Jr. is a zombie horror novel. When Reverend Kenneth Rally, a well-loved small town church man goes crazy and murders Cheyenne Harper, a young woman he’s known all his life, the residents of Peterton, Virginia are shaken. Is...

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A Detective Mike Eiser Novel
By Clabe Polk

In Angelica (The Detective Mike Eiser Series Book 2) by Clabe Polk, Angelica Vicetti leaves her life as a Las Vegas mob widow and recreates herself as Angelica Cassetta, a small town Georgia real estate agent. Life is grand until the mob feels threatened and...

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A Select Group

By Blaine C. Readler

Entertaining and inspiring, A Select Group by Blaine C. Readler explores what is intrinsically embedded in human nature, the sentiment most of us wish we never had, but which we must live with and learn to face every day. Caleb isn’t just a divorced man,...

A Game of Deceit

By K. A. Davis

Two disappearances decades apart haunt a young woman in the exciting thriller, A Game of Deceit by K.A. Davis. Kathryn Landry comes home from work to discover that Neil, her husband of eleven years, has cleaned out his closet and most of his belongings. But...

Alice Chang

By Robert Gilberg

An electrifying tale, a wonderful and masterful blend of romance and suspense, Alice Chang by Robert Gilberg is an entertaining story that will have readers racing through the pages. Abducted, repeatedly drugged, and forced to hack into digital satellite television systems, Alice barely manages to...

Ace of Hart

Hart of Darkness Volume 1
By Violeta M. Bagia

Ace of Hart (Hart of Darkness) by Violeta M. Bagia is an incredible story that combines different genres — thriller, mystery, romance, sci-fi — to create a riveting tale. Beautifully conceived and masterfully executed, the story is gripping, packed with action from beginning to end....

AM - Solid Glass

Part 1
By Dave Dröge

AM - Solid Glass by Dave Dröge is the first part of the second novel in the Amor Mundi series, a gripping sci-fi set in the distant future, with compelling characters and an awesome plot. It’s a story that will stun fans of novels where...

Assumptions and Other Stories

By James Mulhern

Assumptions and Other Stories is the latest offering from award-winning novelist James Mulhern. Five of the seven short stories revolve around Molly Bonamici and her travails through her formative years and into adulthood. Two additional stories book-end Molly’s adventures, yet all contain that sly, quirky...

Auburn Ride

A Johnny Delarosa Thriller
By David Stever

Auburn Ride: A Johnny Delarosa Thriller is an iconic mystery/thriller story reminiscent of Mickey Spillane and Sam Spade. A beautiful woman, Claire, enters the PI office of Johnny Delarosa and slaps down $20,000 for him to take her case. Johnny cannot refuse and the suspense...

Anya Unbound

By Dan Carruthers

At last, here is a compelling story about sex trafficking with a gripping plot and characters that are as real as they are original. Meet Anya, a seventeen-year-old girl raised in a Polish orphanage. Now out of the orphanage, she is just beginning her life...