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Blood Fund

A Novel
By R.C. Westyn

Blood Fund: A Novel by R.C. Westyn is just so good for a debut novel. A fine meld of drama, intrigue, and crime, set in the very place where money is kept; behind the portals of Wall Street. Combine a hedge fund, a cast of...


By Michele I. Khoury

Busted by Michele I. Khoury is a riveting story with characters that readers will enjoy. Twenty-four-year-old artist Gina McKenna is literally broke and she is about to spend the last of what she had left when a rich businessman buys one of her paintings and...

Beer and Gasoline

By John Knoerle

Beer and Gasoline is an historical fiction thriller written by John Knoerle. The fact that his boss, CIA’s Counterintelligence Chief of Staff, James J. Angleton, had sent him on an assignment that would ordinarily have been assigned to one of his field agents, had senior...

Behind Prison Bars

By Sandra L Olson

Behind Prison Bars by Sandra L Olson is a riveting psychological thriller with an engrossing plot and compelling characters. Samantha Owens eagerly applies for and gets the job to fill the vacant position in the State of Texas prison as a Registered Nurse with obstetrical...

Behind the Door

A Sizzling, Psychological Suspense (Hidden Motives Book 1)
By A. Gavazzoni

Behind the Door: A Sizzling, Psychological Suspense - Hidden Motives Book 1 by A. Gavazzoni is a complicated story, but in a really good and intriguing way. I was unable to put this book down, mainly because I didn’t want to put it down, it...

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Blue's Point

By Richard Ferguson

Blue's Point by Richard Ferguson is a story with a strong setting and a well-developed racial theme, a thriller that will have the reader’s eyes glued to the pages. Meet ex-convict, journalist Steve Cox, recently released to the custody of old Jim Blue, the man...


By Kimberley Patterson

Supernatural beings want revenge in the electrifying and suspenseful thriller, Burned, by Kimberley Patterson. Stalked by a dark presence trying to kill her in her nightmares, Sarah is feeling uneasy and jittery. It all started with a very realistic and horrifying nightmare of being strangled...

Bad Luck and Whiskey

By Molly J. Vandever

A serial killer is taking out the residents in a small Oklahoma town in the thrilling murder mystery Bad Luck and Whiskey by Molly Vandever. DC is the owner of a small newspaper in the little town of Indigo Falls. Her dream of being a...

Blood Memory Society

Book 1
By D.A. Field

Dr. Will Dunbar practices reproductive medicine, an expert in his field, and is just preparing to take the enviable position as head of the department in the Mayo Clinic when the call comes. It’s his former classmate at West Point and it is a matter...

Bullet 59

A Ruthless Calculation
By Andrew Hamilton

Bullet 59: A Ruthless Calculation is a political thriller written by Andrew Hamilton. Sonny Langstrom had gone through hell and high water to regain visitation rights to see his six-year-old daughter, Kelly and they both loved the alternating weekends they spent together. Sonny’s ex-wife had...