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Protect Me Not

By Joanne Vivolo

Protect Me Not by Joanne Vivolo is a powerful novel that explores the themes of love, abuse, and family, and one woman’s quest for inner freedom. Mary owns a well-established and lucrative brokerage firm with a vast clientele. Her success has her face plastered on...

Plain Brown Wrapper

By Greg Lynch

A missing bribe sends a young college student running for her life in the brilliant thriller, Plain Brown Wrapper by Greg Lynch. A secretary by day and a bartender at night, Allison Kerry is working two jobs to supplement her college grants and help her...

Pretty Hate Machine

Special Task Force: GREEN MAJIK #1
By Don Templeton

When a little girl turns into a mass murdering nightmare, you know Pretty Hate Machine: Special Task Force: GREEN MAJIK #1 by Don Templeton isn't a fluffy bunnies kind of book. When Detective Jack Carnahan walks into the crime scene and walks out with enough...

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Psychedelic Cure of a Narcissist

Power of Kratom and Opiates (Eric's Psychedelic Journey Book 1)
By Katerina Sestakova Novotna

Psychedelic Cure of a Narcissist: Power of Kratom and Opiates - Eric's Psychedelic Journey Book 1 by Katerina Sestakova Novotna is the story of a man who knows his limits, but when he is promised something beyond his imagination, how can he resist? Eric is...

Pink Slips

By Beth Aldrich

Pink Slips by Beth Aldrich is a suspense thriller. Betsy is expecting her third child and has suddenly started receiving threatening notes, notes that force her to go back to the past and face memories she would rather forget. Betsy joins forces with her dog,...

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Pitcher Plant

A Pacific Northwest Suspense
By Melissa Eskue Ousley

Pitcher Plant by Melissa Eskue Ousley is a Pacific Northwest Suspense story. Tawny Ellis has found the perfect home for her family. Sure, it needs attention, but it's within their price range. Moving in, they embrace the task with open arms – for a little...


The Limbs of the Mukuyu Tree
By Renee Topper

Pigment: The Limbs of the Mukuyu Tree is a literary fiction thriller written by Renee Topper. Aliyah Scott was born with albinism, and her life in the United States was made challenging by the genetic factor that made her skin white, unlike the rich chocolate...

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Pigeon-Blood Red

By Ed Duncan

Pigeon-Blood Red by Ed Duncan is a suspenseful and thrilling story of a hit man, Richard Sanders, who receives a simple assignment from his gangster boss to retrieve a necklace of rubies and bring it back to him. It’s a simple job for the likes...

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Pop-Out Girl

By Irene Woodbury

In Pop-Out Girl by Irene Woodbury, an ex-convict returns home to Las Vegas to discover that his girlfriend is with another man. Zane is a possessive and vindictive lover whose jealousy takes control of him. He can’t stand to see Jen in the arms of...

Pattinson's Curse

A Johanna Pattinson Legal Thriller Book 1
By Graeme Arnold

First in a series of three books, Pattinson's Curse (A Johanna Pattinson Legal Thriller) by Graeme Arnold is all about the legal career of Johanna Therese Pattinson who lived on a sheep farm in Western Victoria, Australia. Being raised in a man’s world, Johanna’s oppressed...