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Monsoon Rising

The Nomad Series
By David Lee Corley

Monsoon Rising by David Lee Corley is a riveting and gripping entry in The Nomad Series, a thriller that is as tantalising as it can get. Billy Gamble is a hunted man, a man accused of theft and Eve Donoghue is charged to bring him...

Return to Porter's Hollow

By Yvonne Schuchart

A woman visiting her North Carolina family is brushed off by the small town's law enforcement when she claims to witness a beast, fitting the description of a local urban legend, mauling her father and brother in the spine-chilling supernatural novel, Return to Porter's Hollow...

Protect Me Not

By Joanne Vivolo

Protect Me Not by Joanne Vivolo is a powerful novel that explores the themes of love, abuse, and family, and one woman’s quest for inner freedom. Mary owns a well-established and lucrative brokerage firm with a vast clientele. Her success has her face plastered on...

The Prize

By Geoffrey M Cooper

The Prize by Geoffrey M Cooper will absorb any category of reader — fans of fast-paced, character-driven stories, medical aficionados, and anyone looking for an exciting read with a huge conflict. Pam Weller has just made a medical discovery that could change the lives of...

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Red Stick Two

By Kenneth Kirkeby

A story that starts with a cat, and in a narrative that is laced with symbolism, Red Stick Two: A Novel by Kenneth Kirkeby is a thriller that will, undoubtedly, keep readers on the edge of their seats, the second book in a series that...

Jate's Boy

Book 4 in the Michael Butler Saga
By Peter P. Sellers

Jate’s Boy is the fourth book in the Michael Butler Saga by Peter P. Sellers, a great read with a sophisticated plot and a strong conflict. It’s an enthralling story of intrigue, manipulation, and conspiracy. Sophia Butler is the American hotshot in horse harnessing, an...

River Bones

Sara Mason Mysteries Book One
By Mary Deal

River Bones, Book One in the Sara Mason Mysteries by Mary Deal is an enthralling tale that will have the reader on the edge of their seat. Sara returned to her hometown after many years of not wanting to face a tragedy that took away...

Blood Fund

A Novel
By R.C. Westyn

Blood Fund: A Novel by R.C. Westyn is just so good for a debut novel. A fine meld of drama, intrigue, and crime, set in the very place where money is kept; behind the portals of Wall Street. Combine a hedge fund, a cast of...

In the Shadow of Porter's Hollow

By Yvonne Schuchart

An unearthly evil melding with uncontrolled lust creates a terrifying beast that stalks the innocent in the electrifying supernatural thriller, In the Shadow of Porter's Hollow by Yvonne Schuchart. Thirty years ago a traumatizing incident drove Laura Evans' mother to pack up their belongings and...

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Sanctuary of Lies

By Chad Bishop

Chad Bishop’s Sanctuary of Lies is a thriller with a mesmerizing plot and characters that readers will stick with. It starts with the auction of a particularly dangerous device, and with a crime. But what caught my attention, the hook, was the first line in...