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The Downing Street Plot

An Agent's Revenge
By Toby Oliver

When Spencer Hall, Head of British MI5, sees Jack Stein resting against a car across the street, he knows that it is not a social visit. In The Downing Street Plot by Toby Oliver, Stein, a US CIA agent, is in London to personally deliver...

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The Tempest Files Part One
By Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson’s Trojan will make your head spin and your heart pound. Mike Carter heads up a team of elite computer specialists known as Tempest. Tempest is an IT security firm, protecting prestigious clients and most of the three-letter government agencies. When Tempest discovers the...

The Fugitive's Trail

The Sean Kruger Series Volume 1
By J.C. Fields

The Fugitive's Trail is a stunning first entry in The Sean Kruger Series by J.C. Fields, a page-turner that is intelligently plotted and executed with great mastery. A man has been found dead in a Wall Street investment firm and another injured, and the man...

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Wired Rogue

Paradise Crime #2
By Toby Neal

A covert operation in a religious compound becomes a nightmare for a former FBI agent in the thrilling suspense novel Wired Rogue (A Paradise Crime Novel) by Toby Neal. FBI Special Agent Sophie Ang has created a computer program named DAVID that is significant in...

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Clinical Execution

Revenge with Passion
By M. E. Haul

Clinical Execution: Revenge with Passion by M.E. Haul is a compelling story that follows the life of a successful and happily married surgeon until the tide turns against him. Daniel Bishop enjoys his job which is, for him, an extension of his life, but when...

Illusions of Privacy

Murder, Identity Theft & the American Way
By Seven Major

Illusions of Privacy: Murder, Identity Theft & the American Way by Seven Major is a thought-provoking, exciting tale. Cici thought her life was perfect until one terrible night. Plans are put in place to give her the identity of a woman murdered in cold blood...

Waking Up in Medellin

Intrigue, Romance, and Suspense in Colombia
By Kathryn Lane

Waking Up in Medellin: Intrigue, Romance, and Suspense in Colombia by Kathryn Lane is a novel that is fittingly described in the subtitle, a suspenseful romance with a biting spice of intrigue, a pulsating read that is hard to put down. Nikki’s auditing career has...

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Behind Prison Bars

By Sandra L Olson

Behind Prison Bars by Sandra L Olson is a riveting psychological thriller with an engrossing plot and compelling characters. Samantha Owens eagerly applies for and gets the job to fill the vacant position in the State of Texas prison as a Registered Nurse with obstetrical...


By Bernard Leo Remakus

Captain Zack Adams is an undisputed hero to the American people, but just what happened to him after his failed mission going after an elusive terrorist, code named Chameleon? No one seems to know for sure, other than that he’s vanished off the face of...

The Muse

A Novel of Unrelenting Terror
By Arjay Lewis

The Muse: A Novel of Unrelenting Terror by Arjay Lewis is the story a very famous and enigmatic writer named Jack Court. He is wealthy, young and handsome on top of being successful. But all of this comes at a price. Jack has a sinister...

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