Red River

By Lalita Tademy

Lalita Tademy left the corporate world to research her family history. In her latest book, Red River, the accomplished author shares the true story of the “Colfax Riot.” She successfully intertwines history and fiction to educate and entertain the reader. The setting is Colfax, Louisiana, 1873....

Inherited Enemies

Through My Father’s Eyes
By Faith Feldman

Inherited Enemies: Through My Father’s Eyes clearly demonstrates that emotions are passed from generation to generation. We share with our children the events that affected our lives. Hence, our memories affect our children’s lives. Do not misunderstand me, I am not discouraging parents and grandparents from...

Life Against All Odds

By Alfred Cave

Alfred Cave begins his memoir by telling about his childhood. He is about 8-years-old when he lost his mother and 10-years-old when he lost his father. He lived with his grandmother, Minnie Minus. Life with Minnie Minus became unbearable. She beat him repeatedly and eventually...