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A Voter's Journey

By Bill Lewers

A Voter’s Journey by Bill Lewers is politics through the eyes of someone like you and me. It’s the personal journey of Mr. Lewers through the world of voting and how the voters themselves are a large part of the system, helping to shape the...

The Gatekeepers of Democracy

By Bill Lewers

What an interesting book I just finished! The Gatekeepers of Democracy, a new work of fiction by author Bill Lewers, provides a peek into an aspect of the political process that many readers might not be familiar with; that of the work of an election...

Eighteen Days in New York

A Novel about the 1924 Democratic Convention
By Bill Lewers

Eighteen Days in New York: A Novel about the 1924 Democratic Convention by Bill Lewers is an enthralling historical fiction novel with a touch of time-travel thrown in for good measure. Claudia Burnham was excited – a cub reporter for the Washington Chronicle, she had...

Primary Peril

The Gatekeepers of Democracy, Book 3
By Bill Lewers

Political intrigue, drama, crime, and mystery are elements that make the third book in The Gatekeepers of Democracy series a compelling read. In Primary Peril by Bill Lewers, readers encounter compelling characters in a run for a political position that quickly transforms into a vicious...

November Third

Gatekeepers of Democracy Volume 2
By Bill Lewers

November Third is the second volume in the Gatekeepers of Democracy series by Bill Lewers, a story revolving around election drama and featuring a strong conflict. The story follows Carl Marsden, who joins the team of county “rovers,” the group responsible for testing voting machines...

The Main Event

Gatekeepers of Democracy
By Bill Lewers

The Main Event is a work in the political drama, satire, and interpersonal drama subgenres. It forms the fourth installment in the Gatekeepers of Democracy series but can also be read as a standalone story. Penned by Bill Lewers, it is suitable for the general...