4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace

Young Adult - Coming of Age
284 Pages
Reviewed on 03/22/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Patricia Day for Readers' Favorite

In 4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace by Johan Twiss, Aaron Greenburg’s life is completely dismantled on the day he is diagnosed with a rare form of meningitis. He becomes a teenager trapped inside a lifeless body. He is unable to move, and unable to speak. As he deals with the torment of paralysis, he learns to discipline his mind to take him to other places. Anywhere, to get away from the anguish and imprisonment he lives with. His mind takes him to fantastical places. These daydreams, for want of a better term, help him retain his sanity. His life changes dramatically on the day that a room-mate joins him. An old man – Solomon – was certainly not Aaron’s choice for a roomy. Yet, through Solomon, he discovers a world like no other. Together they explore new horizons, familiar surroundings, and escapades of global magnitude: trips that travel through history as well as past memories.

This book was an absolute delight to read. It is a refreshing, fun and captivating tale that shares the doubts and fears of a teenage boy, while dealing with the roller-coaster rides of life. His relationship with Solomon is a joy to read about, as they discover their strengths and weaknesses along the rocky roads of compromised health and daily struggles. I could not put it down for too long, always wanting to know what happens next. It was uplifting, sad, encouraging and insightful, and so much more. Recommended for all ages. Superbly entertaining.