My Father's Heroes

Forgive us Father, For We Have Sinned

Fiction - Cultural
600 Pages
Reviewed on 01/31/2014
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Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

My Father’s Heroes is the autobiography of author F. James Pellettieri. The author grew up in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. It was a very different culture than the one we live in now. His family did not have a TV, phone, or car. He only remembers his parents eating out once. Most people look back on the past and think of the “good old days.” While they were very different, I’m not sure Pellettieri would refer to them as better than today. His mother was Italian and very devoted to the Catholic Church. His father was an Italian pessimist. Pellettieri describes events that affected his attitude: World War II, the Atom Bomb, the Cuban Missile Crisis, hypocrisy in the church, and violence in his neighborhood were just a few of the things that shaped his life. Frankie and his friends formed their own gang with the help of the head of the local Mafia. Eventually, Frankie realizes that his “heroes” were not worthy of his praise. His father, a die-hard Yankee fan, used the sport and the players to form a bond with his son. Frankie came to realize that the true hero was his father.

My Father’s Heroes is a heartwarming story that demonstrates the power of a father’s love. While this is an autobiography, it is also so much more. It shows how important it is for parents to maintain a relationship with their children, using whatever they can to strengthen the bond. F. James Pellettieri is a talented author. His writing style is easy to read and understand. He presents his memories in an honest manner, never hesitating to admit he wasn’t perfect. I like this book. While it was not meant to be a parenting or relationship book, it certainly can teach readers a lot about both. The author’s love and gratitude for his father shines in My Father’s Heroes.