Santa's Nice List

Children - Grade K-3rd
34 Pages
Reviewed on 09/30/2023
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Author Biography

Inspiration for Santa's Nice List came to Andrea on the playground with her first-grade students. It was a week before Christmas, and the strong winter winds were swirling, and shimmering snowflakes were twirling. Andrea told her students that the gusty winds would whisk them away to the North Pole. They were delighted by that magical thought. Andrea hopes you enjoy Santa's Nice List with those special little ones in your life.

Andrea Hyatt is also the author of Juliette's Web, a heartwarming story spun just for you. It is about a charming, French-speaking spider searching for the perfect spot to spin her cozy web and for a friend who adores her...eight legs and all. This captivating story will enchant you and teach you some French and some interesting facts about spiders. Ooh-La-La!

Andrea appreciates you visiting her here at Readers' Favorite and wishes you a day full of blessings and great books!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Laura Imaz for Readers' Favorite

Andrea Hyatt's Santa's Nice List introduces readers to Zoey, a charming little girl who embarks on a grand adventure to the North Pole. After being carried away by a magical wind to Santa's house and becoming one of his elves, this girl will have to fulfill a major mission for Santa by locating his missing Nice List. Will Zoey be able to retrieve the treasured list with the help of a memorable group of creatures that includes a fox, a moose, and a polar bear? If she does discover it, will her name be on it? This narrative will take the reader on a magical and exciting journey full of Christmas spirit.

I liked the colorful illustrations and their Christmas theme. They reflect the amount of work the artist has put in. I must mention the wide variety of drawings, which is often lacking in this type of story. Author Andrea Hyatt does an outstanding job of depicting Santa's Nice List as a fun way to go through the alphabet while learning new words and appreciating the visuals. I also thought the little task on the end page was a great concept. On the one hand, the blank Nice List provided encourages young readers to actively engage with the book, and on the other, it helps young children reflect on their recent acts of kindness. With its charming illustrations and heartwarming plot, I would definitely recommend Santa's Nice List as a fantastic Christmas read.

Anne-Marie Reynolds

Santa's Nice List by Andrea Hyatt is a lovely holiday story for children. Zoe is bored. It’s too cold to go outside, and her mom needs help preparing for the holidays. That night, Zoey settles into bed only to be whisked off to the North Pole by a big gust of wind. She’s dressed as an elf when she meets Santa. He tells her he has lost his Nice List and needs Zoe’s help. Zoe sets off to find it, secretly wondering if her name will be on it. After all, she did a lot to help her mom that day. Join Zoe in her North Pole adventure and discover whether she finds the Nice List and if her name is on it.

Santa’s Nice List by Andrea Hyatt is a wonderful children’s story for the holidays. The illustrations are out of this world, really bringing the tale to life before your eyes. This isn’t just about Christmas, though. It’s about being kind and doing nice things for people, and there’s even a Nice List for your child to add their name on, along with an act of kindness they performed – a great incentive. The plot is a simple one with a powerful message, and children will love it. It’s written in plain, easy-to-understand language and is guaranteed to be a book your children will want to read again, not just through the holiday season but all year long. This is a lovely story, nicely illustrated, and is one that all children should read at least once.

Antoinette Wessels

Santa’s Nice List by Andrea Hyatt is a beautifully illustrated, enchanting story about a young girl named Zoey who helped Santa and saved Christmas. After a long and exhausting day spent helping her mother prepare for Christmas, Zoey went to bed, only to be swept away by the wind to the North Pole. Santa was so happy to see Zoey, as he had lost his Nice List. It was now up to Zoey, his new little helper, to find it. With the help of a polar bear, a moose, and a fox, Zoey sets out on an adventure to retrieve Santa’s Nice List. But with time running out, will Zoey be able to find the list before Christmas?

Santa’s Nice List by Andrea Hyatt is a treat for both the eyes and ears. I read the book to my little girl, and even though she didn’t understand it all yet, she loved looking at the beautiful pictures. The story is short and sweet, which is just what a small child needs. It's the perfect bedtime tale to read just before Christmas. With a moral lesson about how important it is to do good work in this world, even if it is just something small, this book is a must-read for any child looking forward to the festive season. As a parent, I believe that the lesson learned through this concise and adventurous story is an extremely important one. I can’t wait to share it with my girl again when she is older.