The Maker's Desk


Young Adult - Mystery
62 Pages
Reviewed on 04/12/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Kristen Van Kampen for Readers' Favorite

The Maker's Desk (Edelweiss) by ET Tripolitis is a thrilling fantasy novel that follows a young girl named Joey. One day, Joey buys a music box in a yard sale as a birthday present for her mother. When her mother opens the drawers of the box, she notices a beautiful flower necklace. Joey learns that the flower is an edelweiss. A few days later she tries the necklace on, but takes it off before going downstairs. The next day she wakes up with the necklace on. Joey learns that she is cursed, and so is the person she loves, Luke. If the curse isn't broken, she and Luke will drop dead exactly five days after she first put the necklace on ... unless the curse is broken. Do Joey and Luke have what it takes to break the curse?

I really liked The Maker's Desk (Edelweiss) by ET Tripolitis. The book has many exciting parts, many nerve-wracking parts, and many scary parts. I was hooked by the first page and I couldn't put the book down. I loved the ending, because it will leave the reader wondering what will happen next. The book has some funny parts as well. The characters are all very likeable, because they never give up, and are very brave as well. The story will keep the reader on the edge of their seat, needing to know more. There were a few times when the events made me gasp out loud. The book is well developed and I would recommend this read to everyone.