Children - Concept

The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon

By Ellen L. Buikema

The Adventures of Charlie Chameleon: Summertime by Ellen L. Buikema is a collection of entertaining stories that take young readers on a trip with the Chameleon family. Each story handles a different type of situation, and how they can be dealt with using a good...


A Tale of a Little Snail
By Tal Shimizu

A friendly and curious little snail goes out on a trail one day in the storybook Choopick: A Tale of a Little Snail by Tal Shimizu. It goes to the golden bees and asks them whether they can take a break for a while to...

Sarah's Song

By Rosie J. Pova

Sarah’s Song by Rosie J. Pova is the delightful story of Sarah, a little girl who loves to sing and dance with her grandma. Both of them spin and chant through the living room, skip and croon at the park, and whistle and wade through...

My Birthday Cake Needs A New Home

An engaging entertaining picture book for children in preschool or ages 6-8
By Chris Stead

In the storybook My Birthday Cake Needs A New Home by Chris Stead, readers are introduced to a little girl and her mother, who has baked a big birthday cake for her. The cake is so big that they cannot finish it and it does...

Thunder IV

By Erik Daniel Shein, Melissa Davis

Thunder IV: Tusker is a remarkable tale of bravery and sacrifice, written by Erik Daniel Shine and Melissa Davis. In an incredible glimpse at life in the animal kingdom, Thunder IV: Tusker examines the sadistic world of poaching, as seen through the eyes of those...

The Girl Who Talked Too Much

By Joshua P Rikas

The Girl Who Talked Too Much written by Joshua P Rikas is, as the title implies, about a young girl who talks continuously without considering other people, how they may feel, and without the ability (or desire) to listen to other people's points of view....

Miss Rosie's Miraculous Journey

By Kim Q

Miss Rosie is a little baby alpaca. When she was born, her mother didn’t have enough milk to feed her and Miss Rosie had weak legs that worked like noodles. With her human mother’s help, Momma Q, Miss Rosie managed to thrive and prosper. Momma...

Chipo and the Mermaid

By Grace Ashley

Chipo and the Mermaid by Grace Ashley is subtitled An African Fairytale and it is certainly also a mermaid story with a difference. Chipo and her father, Mukoko, lived in a little village in the savanna plains of Africa. Chipo’s mother died in childbirth and...

A Hibernating Bear and a Holiday Hare

By Mary Alice Sutherland

A Hibernating Bear and a Holiday Hare is a collection of stories and pictures for preschool children, written and illustrated by Mary Alice Sutherland. Sutherland includes a number of natural history stories in this collection besides the title piece. She’s also got a story about...

Sarah's Days: Being a Cat

An Alaskan Childhood
By Cindy Baldwin

Sarah's Days: Being a Cat - An Alaskan Childhood Story is a children’s picture book written by Cindy Baldwin. Sarah loved sitting out on the grass in the bright sunshine. She’d watch the beetles climbing on the leaves of grass and listen to the birds...