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Jairus's Girl

By L R Hay

Jairus’s Girl by L.R. Hay tells the story of Tammie who lives with her parents, Jairus and Naomi, in a small fishing village near Galilee. Set in the time of Jesus, the story shows a different perspective of life in those times. The lives of...

Jaxon's Magical Adventure with Black Inventors and Scientists

Just Imagine...What If There Were No Black People in the World?, Book 1
By Tamara Shiloh

Jaxon's Magical Adventure with Black Inventors and Scientists is an educational book on Black history for children and preteens written by Tamara Shiloh. Jaxon was finding it quite difficult to relax -- and for good reason. In a week’s time, he’d be playing the role...

Jesus Loves You!

By Christine Topjian

Jesus Loves You is a Christian storybook for children written by Christine Topjian. Many don’t realize it, but Jesus gets involved in your life from the very beginning. That’s right, even before you were born, Jesus was there loving you while His Father was making...

Jack and Almost Jill

A True Story of a Twin Adoption
By Jackie McReynolds-Ruchti

A subtle surprise awaits the reader of Jack and Almost Jill, a beautiful children’s book based on the author’s true life story, written by Jackie Ruchti with illustrations by Hazel Quintanilla. All the elements of a truly engaging read are present, along with the most...


My Grand Dog
By Regina Long Southall

Jordan: My Grand Dog by Regina Long Southall is a heartwarming story that follows the life of a dog named Jordan. Jordan, a cute little Yorkshire terrier, was adopted by his owner, Andrea, when he was six weeks old. Having a home made the little...

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Jobs of a Preschooler

By Brigitte Brulz

Parents are not the only ones busy with chores and jobs. Children can also be busy in their daily lives, just like their parents. Jobs of a Preschooler by Brigitte Brulz is a charming storybook which speaks about the many jobs a preschooler can to...

Jaspa's Journey 2

The Pride of London
By Rich Meyrick

The Pride of London by Rich Meyrick is book two in the Jaspa's Journey series, a rollicking story that features characters that young readers will adore. Watch Jaspa and his friends on a one-of-kind journey that explores London in an attempt to solve the riddles...

Joyful Trouble

Based on the True Story of a Dog Enlisted in the Royal Navy
By Patricia Furstenberg

It is Parade Day, a very special day to remember a very special Royal Navy South Atlantic Ordinary Seaman. The parade was in honor and in memory of Joyful Trouble, a kind dog and an Ordinary Seaman, a Great Dane with a purpose. Ana and...

Jaspa's Journey

The Great Migration
By Rich Meyrick

Jaspa’s Journey: The Great Migration by Rich Meyrick is full of thrills and adventure and revolves around Jaspa the Giraffeses, who is a small version of the original giraffe. Set against the backdrop of Africa’s Serengeti Plain where there is amazing wildlife, the story chronicles...

Jack Sprat's Wife

By Terri Kelleher

Jack Sprat's Wife by Terry Kelleher is an exciting new take on a classic nursery rhyme. The book follows Jack Sprat and his wife, Jane. Jack eats healthy foods, and is a very healthy person, but Jane eats mostly unhealthy foods. One day Jack asked...

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