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A Hibernating Bear and a Holiday Hare

By Mary Alice Sutherland

A Hibernating Bear and a Holiday Hare is a collection of stories and pictures for preschool children, written and illustrated by Mary Alice Sutherland. Sutherland includes a number of natural history stories in this collection besides the title piece. She’s also got a story about...

Axolotls and Tarantulas

Extreme Pets, Book 1
By J.R.Poulter

Axolotls & Tarantulas: Extreme Pets, Book 1 by J. R. Poulter and Jonas Sahlström is a fun and educational look at a couple critters one doesn’t encounter every day. While there, no doubt, are quite a few tarantula owners in America – I’ve even known...

A Not So Easy Road

The Story of a Little Boy That Kept His Promise
By April L Jones

A Not So Easy Road: The Story of a Little Boy That Kept His Promise by April L. Jones is about a young boy called Mose Jones Jr., also known as ‘Lil' Boy’ because he seemed too small for his age. He and his family...

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A is for Aqueous

By Wendy Goldstein Davis

A is for Aqueous by Wendy Goldstein Davis is an educational and interactive book for children that will teach youngsters the letters of the alphabet with the help of Aqueous and his friends. Teaching and learning can be fun if done in the right manner...

A Flag for the Flying Dragon

A Captain No Beard Story (Volume 9)
By Carole P. Roman

A Flag for the Flying Dragon: A Captain No Beard Story, Volume 9 by Carole P. Roman opens with the ship sailing through the dark waters and the crew busy with their chores. Captain No Beard is looking for Mongo and they find him struggling...

A Kid's Guide to Vitamins and Minerals

By Hammad Farooqui

We all know vitamins are essential for growth and good health. A Kid’s Guide to Vitamins and Minerals by Hammad Farooqui is a useful and informative tool for all parents, educators, and children who want to learn basic information regarding vitamins and minerals required by...

A Spooky Tale

A Walk With Our Teacher
By Sue Wickstead

A Spooky Tale: A Walk With Our Teacher by Sue Wickstead is a great book to help pique your child’s imagination. Children of all ages will enjoy reading through the pages of this picture book. What originally started out as a project over 10 years...

A Star Full of Sky

By Raven Howell

A Star Full of Sky is a picture book for children written by Raven Howell and illustrated by Caryn Schafer. Howell, who is an award-winning children’s poet and member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, includes a collection of space, earth and...

Anna and the Tree Fort

Anna's Angels
By Stephanie D Hrehirchuk

Anna loves exploring the coulee and she takes a different route to school every day through the deep ravine near her home in Anna and the Tree Fort by Stephanie Hrehirchuk. Anna loves to discover the myriad faces of the coulee and the Twelve Mile...

Anna and the Earth Angel

Anna's Angels
By Stephanie Hrehirchuk

Anna and her family have moved into a new neighborhood and Anna is very bored. This is the opening scene in Anna and the Earth Angel (Anna's Angels) by Stephanie Hrehirchuk. Anna does not know anyone there and she does not know how to spend...