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Carpet Snakes and Stick Insects

Extreme Pets, Book 2
By J.R. Poulter

Carpet Snakes and Stick Insects: Extreme Pets! is a wonderful book by author J.R. Poulter. She explores two pets that you might not have thought about owning. Written in rhyming verse for grades 1 to 3, the book describes the benefits and disadvantages of owning...

Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis

A Captain No Beard Story (Volume 7)
By Carole P. Roman

Readers, are you curious to learn what awaits you in this story of Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis by Carole P. Roman? I am! The opening scene finds the crew gasping when they see the giant ice mountain. The crew is shivering and...

Cat and Dog Stew

By Judy Carpenter

Six dogs - Spanky, Missy, Nikki, Duke, Whitey, and Thunder - and six cats - L.C., Bobbin, Mia, Belle, Izod, and Chico - speak about their lives in Cat and Dog Stew by Judy Carpenter. The story is about their friendship and how they...

Cabo and Coral Meet a Kelp Hugger

Understanding Climate Change
By Paolo Cabo Wahn and Udo Wahn M.D.

Cabo and Coral Meet a Kelp Hugger: Understanding Climate Change is an educational picture book for children, grades K-3, written by Paolo Cabo Wahn and Udo Wahn, M.D. and illustrated by Jennifer Belote. Kelpy didn’t always live in the aquarium. It was large and contained...

Charlene the Star

By Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

Charlene the Star is born into a horse racing family. Her father and brother are both racing champions and her mother loves to race, too. Even Charlene the Star’s best friends, Ann and Blossom, love to race. Charlene the Star is not too sure about...

Cool Science Experiments For Kids!

STEAM Making and Building Activities
By Sumita Mukherjee

Cool Science Experiments for Kids! by Sumita Mukherjee is an interesting and interactive book for children who want to explore the world of science, are naturally inquisitive, observant, and determined problem solvers. The experiments shared by the author not only encourage exploration, play, and invention,...

Cuddle Kitten and Puddle Pup

By J.R. Poulter

Cuddle Kitten and Puddle Pup by J.R. Poulter tackles the subject of toilet training in pets, always a vital part of a young animal’s education. Cuddle Kitten is the perfect cat. She uses her litter tray properly, with no splattery bits and no smells. She...


By Stephanie Baruffi

Clarence should be the happiest boy ever. He has a big, wonderful Italian family that loves him, his Nonna, his grandmother, is the best cook ever, and Stella, the family dog, always makes sure Clarence gets a big, wet, slobbery greeting when he comes home...

Catch the Watercolored Wind

Jamestown 1617
By Jan Frazier

Life in seventeenth century Jamestown, Virginia is beautifully depicted in the amazing historical novel, Catch the Watercolored Wind by Jan Frazier. After his father dies in 1616, eleven-year-old Jeremiah Clements, his sister and two brothers sail from London to Jamestown with their newly widowed mother,...

Counting Sea Life with the Little Seahorse

By Sheri Fink and Derek Taylor Kent

Counting Sea Life with the Little Seahorse is an educational and delightfully illustrated children’s book, written by Sheri Fink and Derek Taylor Kent, and illustrated by Lynx Animation Studios. Immediately engaging the reader, the Little Seahorse takes children through a marvelous underwater world of magic...

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