Children - Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Danny and the DreamWeaver

By Mark Poe (aka Rich DiSilvio)

Danny and the DreamWeaver is a young adult, fantasy novella by the author Mark Poe (aka Rich DiSilvio) that is not only a wonderful mystery/adventure story through time, but an intelligent parable linking imagination and man’s thirst for knowledge. Mr. Poe’s story begins with young...

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Dang - It's the Dragons!

By J.R. Poulter

Author J.R. Poulter tells us what it's like to be invaded by dragons in Dang - It's the Dragons! This book is a funny children's book that not only rhymes, but tells the tale of what the farmers did one day when the dragons swooped...

Captain No Beard

Strangers on the High Seas, Book 4 of the Captain No Beard Series (A Captain No Beard Story)
By Carole P. Roman

In Strangers on the High Seas: Book 4 of the Captain No Beard Series by Carole P. Roman, the story starts with Captain No Beard watching some dolphins frolicking near the bow of the ship. Cayla, the newest member of the crew, is all excited...

Janie Gets A Genie For Christmas

By David Blaze

What an amazing and magical little gem appears for the holidays in Janie Gets a Genie for Christmas by David Blaze. This may be a children’s book, but like any truly great one, Janie Gets a Genie also targets the adult perspective – not to...

Christmas with Snowman Paul

By Yossi Lapid

Christmas With Snowman Paul, written by Yossi Lapid, is an illustrated Christmas story for kids. It centers around the themes of family, friendship, inclusion, and helping others, just to name a few. Snowman Paul feels left out of the family festivities and the boy goes...

Phantasmagorical Phobias

By Michelle Path

Suppose you were a werewolf that was afraid of the dark. Or a spider that is afraid of bugs? Phantasmagorical Phobias by Michelle Path is a darkly humorous collection of children's short stories that explores fears and phobias. Discover how people and other creatures face...

Being a Captain is Hard Work

A Captain No Beard Story (Volume 10)
By Carole P. Roman

If you're looking for a colorful children’s picture book about decisions, perseverance and consequences, pick up a copy of Being a Captain is Hard Work: A Captain No Beard Story (Volume 10) by Carole P. Roman. This book is part of a series about a...

Feast for the Beast

By Russell Dorn

Everyone loves a special holiday, a time when one can invite a few friends around, prepare some delicious eats, and settle down to watch the parade on television. One is not supposed to sneak off and eat everything ... everything? Yep, everything. In Feast for...

Zippitty Bears

By J.R. Poulter

Looking for a great, imaginative adventure? Join the Zippitty Bears and fly to wondrous worlds in Zippitty Bears by J.R. Poulter. The Zippitty bears take the young character in the story on an absolutely amazing adventure that defies the imagination. Who would have thought that...

Tales of a Substitute Teacher

There is a Witch's Brew in Room 22 (Volume 1)
By Sheri Powrozek

It’s only natural to become attached to a teacher, one that sees you every day and knows your good points and your bad. When that rhythm of regularity is interrupted, though, and the regular teacher is replaced by a substitute teacher, everything is different. There...