Children - General

Brown Bear and the Mysterious Noise

By Debbie McCranie Cannon

In Brown Bear and the Mysterious Noise by Debbie McCranie Cannon, readers see Brown Bear getting ready for winter. He has worked hard all summer, filled the cracks in his house to keep out the winter winds, chopped lots of wood for toasty warm fires,...

Fight For The Kingdom

By Victoria Schwimley

Fight for the Kingdom by Victoria Schwimley sees Aiden wanting to join the Adventure Scouts during his summer vacation. His friend has been a member for the past two years and Aiden has to convince his dad that he is responsible and accountable during the...

Vegetable Kids in the Garden

By Nancy J. Miller

Fruits and vegetables are important for the health and well-being of the body, especially for children as they are growing. It's a daily challenge to make children eat what’s good for them on a regular basis. Well, eating vegetables just got more fun in Nancy...


Why and How We Can Encourage Children to Read Them
By Fiza Pathan

Classics (Why and How We Can Encourage Children to Read Them) by Fiza Pathan is a non-fiction educational book. Classics would appeal most to an audience of adults employed in educationally based or teaching positions, parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents, as well as anyone else who...

Cub's Wish

By Angie Flores

Cub’s Wish by Angie Flores starts with Papa Panda and Cub going out for a walk to enjoy the night sky. They find a nice hill where they can sit and watch the stars sparkling in the sky. Cub spots one twinkling star and he...

Hitchin' Post

By Julie Barker

Six B’s Hitchin’ Post, written by Julie Barker and illustrated by Carolyn Altman, tells the story of a jack rabbit aptly named Hitchin Post who loves the Six B’s ranch where he lives. Unfortunately, the ranch suffers a drought which means the cattle have to...

The Great Skeeter Battle

Bubblegum Mike, Book 1
By Geoffrey Saign

Readers are introduced to Mike Josephs who is chewing a newfangled bubblegum in The Great Skeeter Battle: Bubblegum Mike, Book 1 by Geoffrey Saign. His friends, Skim and Teddy, dare him to chew twenty pieces of that newfangled bubblegum and blow twenty bubbles. Mike wants...

Where is Spring?

Wacky Weather
By Lorita Clarke-Scott

Where is Spring? Wacky Weather by Lorita Clarke-Scott is a fun children's book. Three trees, named Maple, Willow, and Oak, desperately want spring to arrive. Spring is their favourite season, and their leaves start to grow. But winter refuses to leave. The trees are freezing...

Can We Watch?

By S.A. Dymond and Shiloh Dymond

An adorable book with a positive message, Can We Watch? follows Isabelle and her brother, Joe, as they continually implore their parents: can we watch television? But one day, when the electricity goes out, Isabelle and Joe spend the time not with electronics, but playing...

Kiki the Kitty

By Maria Rusu

Kiki the Kitty by Maria Rusu is the story of Merlot and Kiki and how, although they both have different personalities, they end up being friends. Merlot is grumpy and sad and he does not play like he used to. He only eats and sleeps...