Children - Grade 4th-6th

Confessions of a Nerdy Girl: Top Secret

Diary #1
By Linda Rey

Confessions of a Nerdy Girl: Top Secret (Diary #1) by Linda Rey is an amazing book that follows a young girl named Willa as she writes in her diary. She was adopted when she was younger, and her sister is mean to her. She has...

Longberry's Leap

By Leland James

Longberry's Leap is a storybook for children, grades 4-6, written by Leland James and illustrated by Anne Zimanski. Who is Longberry, and why does she keep on wondering about things? Longberry just can’t accept that the kingdom she resides in is all that matters in...


By Stephen Kozan

Town is an adventure mystery novel for children, grades 4-6, written by Stephen Kozan and illustrated by Tony Maulfair. What had happened to White Tanks, Pennsylvania, and who were the mysterious black shadow figures that so many of the town’s remaining residents had had the...


By Shalah Collins

Rascalville by Shalah Collins is the story of how a group of children cope with a terrible event. Jake is late meeting his friends in their treehouse in New York City. The temperatures are rising fast and they need to decide what they are going...

Dilby R. Dixon's The Dilbonary

By Tony J. Perri

Dilby R. Dixon’s The Dilbonary is a children’s fantasy tale of triumph over bullying, written by Tony J. Perri. Born ten years ago during a power outage during a thunderstorm, Dilby Dixon is (once again) bullied on his way home from school by a student...

Don't Call Me Love

Backyard Horse Tales 3
By Jackie Anton

Don't Call Me Love: Backyard Horse Tales 3 by Jackie Anton is a children's story about a family horse called Love. This book is part of the Backyard Horse Tales series, which children will enjoy reading as they learn about the life of Love. With...

Mischief-Book 1

Mischief Series
By Stefania Shaffer

Mischief, Book 1 is a modern day Tom Sawyer adventure from Stefania Shaffer. Slater Hannigan isn’t pleased when he learns that his fifth-grade teacher is Dana Burbank. But Miss Burbank isn’t thrilled either, having to endure the never-ending pranks of this troublesome, glib talking ten-year-old,...

Daniel Max and the King in the Tower

By Moshe Sipper

Daniel Max and the King in the Tower by Moshe Sipper is a children’s story about an adventure experienced by Daniel Max, his younger sister, Dana, and his best friend, Jake. Throughout the years there have been some mysterious disappearances in the town of Bleak...

Cecile and The Kingdom of Belamor

Mystic Heroine Adventures / Parts 1, 2, 3
By Marilyn F Churchill

Cecile and the Kingdom of Belamor is a 3-in-1 collection of stories about a young princess in a fantasy kingdom. The storytelling and presentation are fantastic. In the first story, “The Spider Queen,” Cecile must rescue her kingdom from an evil enchantress who threatens her...

The Misadventures of Marvin Miller

Volume 1
By Megan E Cassidy

The Misadventures of Marvin Miller (Volume 1) by Megan E Cassidy tells the story of Marvin and a set of unfortunate circumstances that combine to prevent Marvin from finding a girlfriend. Poor Marvin is put under so much pressure by his peers to get himself...