Children - Grade K-3rd

Athena Finds Her Confidence

Taki & Toula Time Travelers - Book 2
By Elena Paige

Athena Finds Her Confidence is the second book in the Taki & Toula Time Travelers’ series, written by Elena Paige. With the help of their magic time-travelling shoes, siblings Taki and Toula go back in time, ending up at the Acropolis in Greece. Athena and...

A Sleepless Dream

By Mohibul Nahar

A Sleepless Dream by Mohibul Nahar is a charming story about a little baby who is ready to go to bed after the day is done. He rests his head on his father’s chest and his father sings songs and pats his back while...

Angels, Angels Everywhere

By Susan M Branz

Angels, Angels Everywhere is a Christian picture book for children, grades K-3, written by Susan M. Branz and illustrated by Ashley D. Bostanic. Alieya loved to hear about the angels. She and her mom would spend hours talking about God and His angels, and her...

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A Flag for the Flying Dragon

A Captain No Beard Story (Volume 9)
By Carole P. Roman

A Flag for the Flying Dragon: A Captain No Beard Story, Volume 9 by Carole P. Roman opens with the ship sailing through the dark waters and the crew busy with their chores. Captain No Beard is looking for Mongo and they find him struggling...

Anna and the Tree Fort

Anna's Angels
By Stephanie D Hrehirchuk

Anna loves exploring the coulee and she takes a different route to school every day through the deep ravine near her home in Anna and the Tree Fort by Stephanie Hrehirchuk. Anna loves to discover the myriad faces of the coulee and the Twelve Mile...

Anna and the Earth Angel

Anna's Angels
By Stephanie Hrehirchuk

Anna and her family have moved into a new neighborhood and Anna is very bored. This is the opening scene in Anna and the Earth Angel (Anna's Angels) by Stephanie Hrehirchuk. Anna does not know anyone there and she does not know how to spend...

Amazing Adventures in Shelby's Shoes

By Melissa Harker Ridenour

Amazing Adventures in Shelby's Shoes by Melissa Harker Ridenour is a creative children's book about a young girl named Shelby. One day, Shelby had a cold, and wasn't allowed to go outside to play. Instead, she goes through her mother's closet and plays dress up...

Art Is Alive At Lakewood School!

By Beverly Banfield

Art is Alive at Lakewood School! by Beverly Banfield is a fun children's book about art coming to life. On a beautiful day, Ms. Wood's class abandons their art projects to go play outside, but while they're gone, their art projects spring from their papers...

Ava's First Day of Kindergarten

By Kristen Weber

In Ava’s First Day of Kindergarten by Kristen M. Weber, children are taken along with Ava on her first day of kindergarten. Ava knows that she has to begin her day by eating a healthy breakfast as it is important for children to learn and...

Alone in the Cave

By Rosie Moore

Alone in the Cave by Rosie Moore is about a little girl who is lost in a cave and cannot find her way out. There are so many passages leading off the main chamber that she does not know which one to take to go...

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