Children - Grade K-3rd

Will You Believe In Me?

A Story About Skiing and Friendship
By Matt Sterbenz

Will You Believe In Me? A Story About Skiing and Friendship is an adventure graphic novel for children, grades K-3, written by Matt Sterbenz and illustrated by Ingrid Ochoa. Matt always loved skiing. When he was small, he relished the feel of the soft, powdery...


By Kerry Watts

Waggytail by Kerry Watts is the story of Jet, a pup who has been living with his new family for four months at Number 5, Barrels Avenue. Once the school routine started, no one had any time for Jet except Billy, who took him for...

With or Without

By Michelle Panek

With or Without is a humorous comparison of life with or without certain items. Author Michelle Panek has created a rhyming story of opposites. How would you feel if you had something and then it was gone? Or what if you enjoy seeing something and...

Wildlife Corridor

By J.R.Poulter

Wildlife Corridor by J.R. Poulter/Tomomi Sarafov is an entertaining story that brings awareness to children about the environment and Australian wildlife. The animals are feeling bad when the trees are chopped down because these trees form a sheltered freeway. These trees are also homes for...

Why Did You Choose Me?

By Katie Cruice Smith

In today's culture, there are so many children awaiting adoption. Children are a special gift and should be treated as such. As adults, it is our job to be the leaders, heroes and the protectors of our children and their well-being. There are so many...

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Wiggle and Oink

By J.R. Poulter

Wiggle and Oink by J.R. Poulter is a fun children's book about two piglet friends named Wiggle and Oink. Wiggle and Oink did everything together: they played together, they sat together at lunch, they walked home together. They were the best friends ever. However, the...

Woobee's Journey

By Antwinette Scott

Woobee's Journey by Antwinette Scott is a fun, heartwarming children's book about a young boy named Isaiah. When Isaiah was really young, he received a handmade blanket, called Woobee, from his grandma. Isaiah takes the blanket everywhere. But then his grandma dies, and the blanket...

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When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Myself

By A. Cole

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Myself: WIGU is a children's picture book written by A. Cole and illustrated by Lea Embeli. Naya loves being who she is, and she especially likes the fact that she is just a little bit different than...

When You Were a Dinosaur

And Other Tales and Mighty Beasts!
By Neil McFarlane

When You Were A Dinosaur: And Other Tales And Mighty Beasts! by Neil Roy McFarlane is an engaging and entertaining book in which young readers are introduced to the lives and habits of some amazing creatures like dinosaurs, lions, gorillas, whales, elephants, polar bears, crocodiles,...

When Fred the Snake Goes to School

By Peter B. Cotton

When Fred the Snake Goes to School is a children’s animal story by Peter B. Cotton. Fred the Snake was given to James by Jungle Jim. He recently recovered from being squished in the head and was called Fred-Fred, but not anymore. James had fun...