Children - Grade K-3rd

Cat and Dog Stew

By Judy Carpenter

Six dogs - Spanky, Missy, Nikki, Duke, Whitey, and Thunder - and six cats - L.C., Bobbin, Mia, Belle, Izod, and Chico - speak about their lives in Cat and Dog Stew by Judy Carpenter. The story is about their friendship and how they...

Cabo and Coral Meet a Kelp Hugger

Understanding Climate Change
By Paolo Cabo Wahn and Udo Wahn M.D.

Cabo and Coral Meet a Kelp Hugger: Understanding Climate Change is an educational picture book for children, grades K-3, written by Paolo Cabo Wahn and Udo Wahn, M.D. and illustrated by Jennifer Belote. Kelpy didn’t always live in the aquarium. It was large and contained...

Inky and the King

By Richard Wickliffe

Inky and the King by Richard Wickliffe is a story with a nautical theme in which Inky the squid and the King of all Music become friends after Inky frees the latter from the belt he has been trapped in for years. He tells Inky...

The Adventures of Popcorn and Jellybean

By Robert Gillespie

The Adventures of Popcorn and Jellybean by Robert Gillespie is an adorable fantasy story where young readers are introduced to two friends, Popcorn and Jellybean. It is a Saturday afternoon and they both decide to go on an adventure. Their adventure introduces them to many...

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Silly Leo

By Angela Padilla

Silly Leo by Angela Padilla is a picture book, which makes it very attractive to children between the ages of five and nine, but it also has an extensive vocabulary. Bought for a five-year-old who may need quite a lot of help reading it, Silly...

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Felipe Femur

By Russell Dorn

What would you do if you were a lonely skeleton living in a closet? Felipe Femur by Russell Dorn is an adorable children's picture book about a fun-loving skeleton that lives in the spooky village of Toonstone with his uncommon, but caring friends. Felipe Femur...


Lucy's World Book 2
By Gilberto Mariscal

Flowy: Lucy's World Book 2 by Gilberto Mariscal is the story of a little girl named Lucy who loves flowers. Lucy’s mother always takes her to a park filled with flowers whenever she listens to her mother, which is very often. There is a flower...

The ABC Animal Picnic

By Janina Rossiter

The ABC Animal Picnic by Janina Rossiter is an educational tool to introduce children not only to the alphabet, but it also helps in enhancing their vocabulary. The animal picnic also helps children understand that an alphabet can have different sounds and the story will...

How Far Away is Heaven?

By Margaret Davis Ledford

How Far Away is Heaven? by Margaret Davis Ledford is an adorable and heartrending story that speaks about loss. Zachary goes to his Papa and Grandma’s house every day with his daddy and brother. They live two streets away. Zachary plays with Papa when his...

Talking Tales

Sam's Sticky Sucker
By Erica Graham

Talking Tales: Sam’s Sticky Sucker by Erica Graham is a delightful story for children where they are introduced to Sam who has been given a strawberry sucker by his sister. He cannot wait to have it and he has dreamed about it all night. The...