Children - Social Issues

Moshe Comes to Visit

By Tehila Sade Moyal

We all have our fears. Some are common to many while others are unique to each of us. In Moshe Comes to Visit, Tehila Sade Moyal tackles the issue of fear and how it can be dealt with. The story features a period in a...

The Blue Pencil

One Kindness at a Time Series
By Rachael A Thomas

The Blue Pencil is the first book in the One Kindness at a Time Series, written by Rachael A. Thomas and illustrated by Korey Woods. As young Johnny makes his way to school, lucky to have a backpack filled with all of the supplies he...

The Girl Who Talked Too Much

By Joshua P Rikas

The Girl Who Talked Too Much written by Joshua P Rikas is, as the title implies, about a young girl who talks continuously without considering other people, how they may feel, and without the ability (or desire) to listen to other people's points of view....

My Mama Loves Me

I'm Her Little Girl
By Shanalee Sharboneau

Israel Dilean’s illustrations throughout Shanalee Sharboneau's picture book, My Mama Loves Me: I’m Her Little Girl, have a timeless look that complements the words incredibly well. And those words have a rhythm that makes rhyme superfluous, popular though it is with children who enjoy having...

Sarah's Shadow

By Nick Jones

Sarah's Shadow is a children’s picture book written by Nick Jones and illustrated by Si Clark. Yasmin Hughes seemed to take a perverse delight in tormenting and teasing Sarah, and the other kids always followed suit. When Yasmin pointed out that Sarah’s shadow was long...

Leah the Lion

By Cheryl Sperry Golke

Leah the Lion is a children’s picture book written in rhyme by Cheryl Sperry Golke and illustrated by Nifty Illustrations. Leah is a young lion cub that loves to roar. She roars at everything she sees, feeling happiness at the strength behind her mighty roar....

Wanda and Winky

The True Story of the Detroit Zoo's Last Two Elephants
By Linda K McLean

In Wanda and Winky: The True Story of the Detroit Zoo's Last Two Elephants, Linda K. McLean has clearly captured the plight of elephants held in captivity through a compelling use of poetry and prose. The words tell the real- life story of two elephants...

Sir E. Robert Smythe and the Lost Detective

By Christina Weigand

Sir E. Robert Smythe and the Lost Detective is the third book in the Sir E. Robert Smythe children’s book series, written by Christina Weigand. When a camp for the homeless is set up on the outskirts of town, youngsters Anna, Bridget, Sam and Hunter...

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The Anti-Socialites Diary 1

The Awkward Beginnings
By Alicia McKenzie, Tameka McKenzie

Being in elementary school is hard. If you want to hear it from someone personally, ask twins Asia and Tasia McKinley. In The Anti-Socialites Diary 1: The Awkward Beginnings by Alicia McKenzie and Tameka McKenzie, you will learn what it feels like to not fit...

Christmas Best

By Diana Kizlauskas

Christmas Best is a children’s holiday-themed picture book written and illustrated by Diana Kizlauskas. Tap, Tweak, Twinkle, Plumperson and Top had very special jobs at Santa’s toy shop. Tap built dollhouses that were sturdy and strong. Tweak was the engineering expert who kept the trains...