Once Upon A Heartache

The Joy and Sorrow of Unconditional Love
By Bethany Jones

Once Upon A Heartache: Unconditional Love is Book 1 from The Virtues of Love Collection by Bethany Jones. It has been six years since Amelia Bennett, a missionary, left Montana after feuding with her father, Charles. Her concern for his health made her return from...

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One Alone in the World

By Sarah Stuart

In the final part of the Richard and Maria trilogy, One Alone in the World by Sarah Stuart, the couple is facing financial and relationship difficulties. The business they inherited from Maria's late surrogate father, The White Hart Inn, is struggling and Richard's once devoted...

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One Harvest Knight

Grace Kitchen Book 3
By Delia Latham

One Harvest Knight by Delia Latham is another inspiring and touching story that will provoke both thought and action. Shell Prentiss has settled in Harvest, Tennessee and owns a florist shop/boutique in Harvest Square. She donates her time and her talents at Grace Kitchen, a...