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The Reluctant Cowgirl

A Romantic Comedy (Taming the Cowboy's Heart)
By Renee Riva

In The Reluctant Cowgirl: Taming the Cowboy's Heart by Renee Riva, Amy’s Aunt Polly leaves her a cottage, which was surprising to her since they had not seen each other for years. As she travels from Seattle to Wishram, Amy Landers’ goal is simple: sell...

The Color of Truth

The Chain of Lakes Book 3
By Stacy Monson

The Color of Truth (The Chain of Lakes Book 3) by Stacy Monson is a heartwarming story about Marti, a young adult who has had an extraordinarily bad life. Having a father in jail and a drunk for a mother, Marti has felt anything but...

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The 13th Lighthouse

Bk 1, The Lighthouse Trilogy
By Jane O'Brien

After the passing of her mother, a young woman unexpectedly uncovers a dark secret in the suspenseful romance novel, The Thirteenth Lighthouse, by Jane O'Brien. Belle discovers her mother's body when she returns to the hotel they share, forever changing life as she knows it....

The Power of Prayer

A "Heartbeats" Novel
By Lorana Hoopes

Callie’s wedding is perfectly planned and well-publicized, since she took every opportunity to talk about her big day. But in the final moments prior to walking down the aisle, those perfect plans begin to dissolve, one by one. Everything is ready. The photographer, the food,...

The Chocolatier

By Brenda Scruggs

The Chocolatier by Brenda Scruggs is a complex yet sweet romance that centers on a man and a woman from very different worlds, yet they are perfect for each other. Charles Riviera is the heir to a chocolate empire that thrives on the dark, rich,...

The Widow of Saunders Creek

A Novel
By Tracey Bateman

Corrie Saunders loses her beloved husband Jarrod in Iraq as he pulls a suicide bomber away from a crowd of people. Jarrod and the suicide bomber are blown to bits. Now it has been six months since Corrie buried what was left of Jarrod's body...

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Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball

By Donita K. Paul

I so enjoy Christmas reads! To me this is the perfect time of year to read all the Christmas books before the Christmas season gets too busy and the special time is gone before I've read a single book! Donita K. Paul is...