Christian - Romance - Contemporary


A Contemporary Christian Romance
By Evangeline Kelly

Shaken by Evangeline Kelly is a novel in the Christian contemporary romance genre. It is written in the first person and features Olivia, who has just made the biggest sacrifice of her life. After quitting her job and moving closer to her boyfriend, Harrison, she...

Single and Saved

By Raykel Tolson

The way that life is today, there is so much temptation, especially if you are a single Christian. As a single believer, it is so hard not to get caught up in the world’s system. As it says in the scriptures, we are believers living...

Summer Dreams

Paradise Pines (#2)
By Delia Latham

In Summer Dreams by Delia Latham (Paradise Pines Series), Summer Callihan reluctantly accompanies her spoiled cousin, Deah, to Paradise Pines where she plans to work on her book while Deah plays. After a writing session on the beach, Summer wades into the water and curls...

Spring Raine

Paradise Pines
By Delia Latham

Spring Raine (Paradise Pines Series) by Delia Latham is a powerful Christian romance that delivers a whole lot more than romance; it offers wisdom and encouragement throughout. The growing affection between Raine and Declan is touching and tender and is a well designed plot that...

Secrets of Harmony Grove

By Mindy Starks Clark

Sienna Collins just landed the biggest account of her advertising career. She is on cloud nine when she walks into her office. But there on the door is a note to go to her bosses office immediately on her return. Sienna notices that those people...

Seneca Hearts: If You Please/Riches of the Heart/Safe in His Arms

By Tish Davis

The connecting thread in these stories is the New York setting and the Christian theme. If You Please Natalia Gordeeva was a child when she lost her parents.  She was raised by her strong minded Russian aunt. After they move to  New York, Natalia is pressured to...