Fiction - Drama

The Prize

By Geoffrey M Cooper

The Prize by Geoffrey M Cooper will absorb any category of reader — fans of fast-paced, character-driven stories, medical aficionados, and anyone looking for an exciting read with a huge conflict. Pam Weller has just made a medical discovery that could change the lives of...

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By Carol Roberts

The myths and legends of the fantastic legendary lost city of Atlantis have fascinated classical history enthusiasts for centuries. Stories tell of an advanced city in the Bronze age, one that mysteriously disappeared. Whilst some have argued that the stories were mere myths, others have...

Jate's Boy

Book 4 in the Michael Butler Saga
By Peter P. Sellers

Jate’s Boy is the fourth book in the Michael Butler Saga by Peter P. Sellers, a great read with a sophisticated plot and a strong conflict. It’s an enthralling story of intrigue, manipulation, and conspiracy. Sophia Butler is the American hotshot in horse harnessing, an...

The Selah Branch

A Novel of Time Travel and Race in America
By Ted Neill

In The Selah Branch: A Novel of Time Travel and Race in America by Ted Neill, when Kenia's summer intern plans fall through, she thinks that spending months in Selah Branch, researching poor diets in poor communities, will be a frustrating waste of time. She...


Forbidden Things Book 1
By Nikki McCormack

Nikki McCormack’s Dissident is the first book in the Forbidden Things series, an epic fantasy that is well written and structured. Indigo is a gifted young woman with an extraordinary ascard power, but society only allows her to use a limited amount of her power...

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By Judy Salz

Worthy by Judy Salz is a slim, inspirational novel that explores the deeper meaning of friendship, following the lives of three unusual characters bound together by an inscrutable bond. It’s the story of two doctors and a chaplain whose lives are irresistibly linked after a...

Not All Cowboys Are Cruel

A Baxter Homestead Romance
By Angelica Hart

Not All Cowboys Are Cruel: A Baxter Homestead Romance by Angelica Hart is a story about a young woman who has endured the worst of hardships. Desperate times call for desperate measures and Grace is forced to do whatever is necessary to allow her father...

The Autopsy of Planet Earth

By R.J. Eastwood

The Autopsy of Planet Earth by R.J. Eastwood is a spellbinding science fiction novel with a very original concept and great potential for entertainment, a story that raises intriguing questions about mankind’s destiny on the dying planet. The reader meets compelling characters, including an alien,...

Letters to the Pianist

By S.D. Mayes

Letters to the Pianist is a historical fiction novel written by S.D. Mayes. The East End of London was not a happy place for a child, or indeed any living creature, in 1941. Fourteen-year-old Ruth and her little sister and brother were among the few...

Night of Flames

A Novel of World War Two
By Douglas W. Jacobson

Night of Flames: A Novel of World War II by Douglas W Jacobson opens with the invasion of Germany into Poland and follows the stories of Anna and Jan Kopernik as they fight to survive the atrocities of war. When Jan escapes what is left...

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