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Give Murder A Hand

Lizzie. Book 2 (The Westport Mysteries)
By Beth Prentice

Give Murder a Hand by Beth Prentice is the second book in the Westport Mysteries series. Lizzie thought she had found her dream house, but after a stalker attacked her, all she got was a bunch of nightmares. Things have now settled down and the...

A Killer's Reflection

By Cheryl Denise Bannerman

The signs had been there for anyone to see, but Doug had hidden them well, from the torture of animals to the rape of a peer. But he was perfect in his mother's eyes; she doted on him constantly, something he hated and yet expected...

The Warped Web

By Vivian Head

The Warped Web is a private investigator murder mystery written by Vivian Head. Rex Salomon had been a natural at crime solving, and he easily progressed up the ranks of the Metropolitan Police. He was following in his father’s own footsteps and was successfully commanding...

Michael Lawrence

The Season of Darkness
By Killarney Traynor

Killarney Traynor has crafted a masterful mystery with a robust cast of characters and a head-scratcher of a whodunit. Michael Lawrence: The Season of Darkness introduces us to homicide detective Michael Lawrence, a steadfast and bright investigator who is in the midst of a personal...

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The World's Largest Yard Sale (is murder)

Leslie & Belinda Mysteries Volume 4
By Linda S. Browning

The World's Largest Yard Sale (is murder) by Linda S. Browning is the fourth book in the Leslie & Belinda Mystery series. When Leslie and Belinda's friend, Mrs Towers, discovers that she's paid for another Mrs Towers' surgery, they go to confront the woman and...

First Case Scenario

By Annemarie DeClark

Two gunshot fatalities a little over a decade apart encourage a female detective to go undercover in a Detroit strip club in the stunning murder mystery, First Case Scenario by Annemarie DeClark. Harlee is excited about her promotion from working as a Detroit patrol officer...

Predictable Violence

A psychological thriller with a whodunit that will amaze.
By Gillean Campbell

I really enjoyed reading Predictable Violence by Gillean Campbell. Detective Mackenzie (Mack) Anderson has a very tragic past. It is the reason she became a homicide detective. When a triple homicide occurs, along with a confession, it seems as if it will be an open...

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The Truth That Hides

By A.J. Schmitz

In The Truth That Hides by A.J. Schmitz, Jack doesn't think of his job as spying. He's merely clicking away at a computer and rating the people he sees on their threat level to the organization. It's no big deal. But then he realizes the...

Even Dead Men Play Chess

By Michael Weitz

A man's grisly death ignites his chess teacher's suspicions and, like a bulldog, he won't let up until he finds the truth in the exciting murder mystery Even Dead Men Play Chess by Michael Weitz. Ray is a chess aficionado and about once a month,...

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When Secrets Collide

By Lesli Catsouras

Betrayal, deceit, and murder threaten a young woman's life and are shadows swirling in the hidden depths of her memory, causing her to doubt what she believes to be true in the psychological thriller, When Secrets Collide by Lesli Catsouras. After being unfaithful to her...