Fiction - Mystery - Murder

Penny Legend

By Lucy English

A traumatized boy is the key witness in the search for a murderer in the fascinating murder sleuth mystery Penny Legend by Lucy English. Penny is still on probation for becoming too emotionally involved with one of her clients, despite the fact that she did...

A Measure of Murder

A Sally Solari Mystery
By Leslie Karst

A Measure of Murder by Leslie Karst is the second book in the Sally Solari mystery series. Sally's life is busy as she juggles working at her family's restaurant and helping run the restaurant she inherited from her aunt which is planning a new menu...

Cat's Paw

Crazy Cat Lady series Book 3
By Mollie Hunt

Cat's Paw by Mollie Hunt is the third book in the Crazy Cat Lady series. All Lynley Cannon wants is a vacation with her friend Simon at the Cloverleaf Animal Sanctuary. Her peaceful retreat is interrupted when a guest is murdered, and everyone seems to...


By M.C. Hall

A very different concept made Smothered exciting, interesting and a very good fiction read with a feeling of real life happenings. Smothered has mystery, murder and suspense from beginning to end. Kitty is a young actress about to become the next child superstar; that is...

Terminal Secret

By Mark Gilleo

Mark Gilleo’s Terminal Secret is the second in what may well become a successful series involving the exploits of Dan Lord, a private investigator who is also an attorney. He’s based in Washington D.C. and in this story teams up with two detectives, Earl Wallace...

All Things Slip Away

By Kathryn Meyer Griffith

All Things Slip Away by Kathryn Meyer Griffith is the second book in the Spookie Town Murder Mysteries series. Ten years ago, when Frank Lester worked as a cop, he chased after a serial kidnapper dubbed the 'Mud People Killer' whose victims were never found....

The Alb

By Luis Rousset

The Alb by Luis Rousset is the story of a detective on a fascinating journey in which he has to find out the truth behind the disappearance of a very powerful man and an even more powerful ancient artifact. The story follows Alan Leary, a...

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The Fugitive's Trail

The Sean Kruger Series Volume 1
By J.C. Fields

The Fugitive's Trail is a stunning first entry in The Sean Kruger Series by J.C. Fields, a page-turner that is intelligently plotted and executed with great mastery. A man has been found dead in a Wall Street investment firm and another injured, and the man...

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In Solo Time

An Elder Darrow Mystery
By Richard Cass

In Solo Time: An Elder Darrow Mystery is a murder mystery novel written by Richard Cass. This novel is the prequel to the first book in this series, Solo Act. The Esposito had finally gotten to the point where Elder was starting to feel as...

Death of a Scam Artist

By Mike Befeler

Reginald Bentley III has a problem - his boss has given him a limited amount of time to make the Sunny Crest Retirement Community financially solvent before he closes it to sell it to a developer. As a financial man, he believes he has the...