Fiction - Paranormal

Pitcher Plant

A Pacific Northwest Suspense
By Melissa Eskue Ousley

Pitcher Plant by Melissa Eskue Ousley is a Pacific Northwest Suspense story. Tawny Ellis has found the perfect home for her family. Sure, it needs attention, but it's within their price range. Moving in, they embrace the task with open arms – for a little...

The Mirror Initiative

By Nathan Rux

The Mirror Initiative by Nathan Rux is a science fiction tale that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adults and adults who enjoy paranormal fiction. It all began on April 17, 2000 when the planet discovered that there were people who possessed...

Metropolitan Dreams

By Mark A. King

Charlie is returning home from her job as a nightclub bouncer when she’s caught up in an attempted robbery. She intervenes and gets stabbed in the side. The two robbers kill another woman, but her daughter escapes. Across the street, Iona, a cyber crime detective...

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By Kimberley Patterson

Supernatural beings want revenge in the electrifying and suspenseful thriller, Burned, by Kimberley Patterson. Stalked by a dark presence trying to kill her in her nightmares, Sarah is feeling uneasy and jittery. It all started with a very realistic and horrifying nightmare of being strangled...


By Bryan S Nowak

Meghan Johnston and her 17-year-old son, Kyle, go to the upscale Hideaway Resort on Lake Oleander to spend some family time before he leaves for university. Strangely, they receive some warnings from concerned individuals to stay away from Riapoke, a little town on the other...

The Phoenix Experiment

By Mark Egbers

The Phoenix Experiment by Mark Egbers follows Joe and Lisa as they seek out a start-up company for help in saving her brother, who needs new kidneys. The company's claim to achieve immortality should be impossible, but as the two become further involved, they find...

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By S. C. Alban

Reverie by S.C. Alban is a short paranormal tale. Tom and Caroline Henderson have come from New York, moving into a house the likes of which they always dreamed of owning. Reverie is a small town and their new home, The Williams House, is a...

Changing of the Guard

Book Five in the Tori Cooper Novels (Volume 5)
By Vicki Stewart

Changing of the Guard is Book Five in the Tori Cooper Novels by Vicki Stewart, a scintillating paranormal read that will grab the interest of fans of fantasy, paranormal, thrillers, and crime fiction. It’s rare to find an author who combines elements from different genres...

White Magic Woman

By Ju Ephraime

Todd Montgomery ends up experiencing what many men fantasize about in White Magic Woman but he is not happy, especially when it interferes with his relationship with his loving wife, Simonia. Ju Ephraime steamily portrays the paranormal possession of Todd by an extremely powerful sorceress...

Under A Blood Kissed Moon

BloodMoon & Magic
By Kelleye Richards, Anya Kelleye, ER Richards

Ember may be a shifter, but she was raised by vampires, and her family is everything to her, which is why she is at an illegal shifter fight. Patrone has threatened her family if she doesn't fight for him, and Ember will do anything to...