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Duality 1
By Jay Shaw

In an isolated area of the country, far away from society in general, live two groups that long ago used to be one, Wolfhaven and Silver Ridge. Over in Silver Ridge, they detest their human side and avoid shifting into it, staying in wolf...


Mystic Valley Shifters Volume 2
By LC Taylor

Tessa is driving herself crazy, thinking that Haven's current coma-like state is all her fault, and maybe in a way it is, but no one blames her, she is the only one that can pull Haven out of it. She has to make him believe...

When Worlds Collide

Family Ties
By Angela Christian

At 5'2" you might dismiss Lisa, but don't, she's a witch with friends that include some mighty big werewolves. She is in the process of setting up her clinic to serve the supernatural folk in her area, when all of a sudden her friend...

Witches Among Us

By Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Witches Among Us by Kathryn Meyer Griffith is the fourth book in the Spookie Town Murder Mysteries series. Once again Myrtle turns to Abigail and Frank for help when her sister, Evelyn, fears the worse after her animals start disappearing, strange noises come from the...


By Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Amanda is a white witch, meaning that she works nature to help people, but there are others in the world that have traded their favors with evil and use dark magic for bad purposes. In the area there is a cult killing people and trying...


The Mystic Valley Series Volume 1
By LC Taylor

As of last week, Dylan was your typical teenager with loving, normal parents, about to finish her senior year of high school. This week, she is now all alone in the world, her parents killed in a tragic car accident. She is floundering, not sure...

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White Magic Woman

By Ju Ephraime

Todd Montgomery ends up experiencing what many men fantasize about in White Magic Woman but he is not happy, especially when it interferes with his relationship with his loving wife, Simonia. Ju Ephraime steamily portrays the paranormal possession of Todd by an extremely powerful sorceress...

Water Viper

A Jesse Alexander Novel
By RJ Blain

Starfall changed everything, leaving some cities in ruins while survivors in others developed magical abilities. Jesse Alexander, once the pride of her clan, ran away after accidentally choosing to become a woman and is now a respected bodyguard who moonlights as the infamous assassin, Water...

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Waking The Dead

Soul Broker, 1
By D. B. Sieders

Waking the Dead by D.B. Sieders is the story of Vivian Bedford, starting with the strangest day of her life, a day when she miraculously survives a car crash, but only to witness the death of a man. Vivian's life isn't an easy one. Her...

Wanions of the Wicked

The Supernatural London Underground Book Three
By Romarin Demetri

Wanions of the Wicked by Romarin Demetri is the third book in The Supernatural London Underground series. Beginning with a storm, Row and her friends know this is the start of what they have been waiting for. The time has come for them to take...