Fiction - Paranormal

Hoffnungslose Ziele

A Dark Journey of Lost Causes
By Kevin Reinholz

Hoffnungslose Ziele: A Dark Journey of Lost Causes by Kevin Reinholz is set against the backdrop of 19th century Europe, with most of the action taking place in Prussia. The reader is immediately introduced to Anna, a young girl who is excited about her friend....


By Shari Nichols

Haunted is a paranormal romance novel written by Shari Nichols. Karly was not in the market for a new romance. She was still recovering from her breakup with Chad, who had been unfaithful to her, and the store she and her sister, Sophie, had opened...

Haunted Souls

By Kathryn Knight

Haunted Souls by Kathryn Knight is a tale about forgiving and loving yourself, despite the guilt that weighs you down. Emily Shea had just introduced Sergeant Brett Leeds to their young son, Tyler. The two haven’t seen each other in four years, and already the...

Hanging Tobacco

Parlor Game Mysteries, Volume 1
By Linda S Browning

Hanging Tobacco: Parlor Game Mysteries, Volume 1 is a paranormal investigator/murder mystery written by Linda S Browning. Olivia Jane Honeycutt’s career as a successful journalist took a strange turn due to her old college friend’s love of yard sales. While the two of them were...

Habitat for Human Remains

By Scott A. Lerner

Scott A. Lerner’s Habitat for Human Remains is fifth in the Samuel Roberts series. Roberts is a cynical private practice lawyer with an interesting 'hobby’ of fighting the forces of darkness. It's not a hobby he’s chosen. It just seems to find him. This time...

Holy Fool

By Kenneth Butler

In the entertaining and thought-provoking fiction novel, Holy Fool by Kenneth Butler, a materialistic husband and father decides to become a priest after surviving a car accident. George St. Hilaire is a shrewd and competitive man in every aspect of his life, and his prominent...

Heirs Of Wisdom

Wisdom Chronicles ~ Book Five
By Walter C. Conner

If one were to inherit an entire kingdom from the man who founded that very kingdom, what would be the contiguous obstacles that come with it? Heirs of Wisdom (Wisdom Chronicles Book Five) by Walter C. Conner, suitably exhibiting a royal heir named Ryan who...

Hellbound Warrior

Dark Warrior Alliance Book Five
By Brenda Trim,Tami Julka

Returning to the world of the Dark Warriors, authors Brenda Trim and Tami Julka delve into the history and life of Rhys, the resident cambion demon. Rhys is probably your typical playboy, with stereotypical good looks and a love 'em and leave 'em attitude, but...

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Her Demon, His Angel

By Kari Thomas

For most of her life, Sara has been seeing visions, and they usually pertain to a certain rare book that she is searching for. Every now and again she will see something more concrete and disturbing, like her father's death, only she was on the...

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Havana Heat

Sommerville Suspense Series
By Anastasia Amor

When Anise Sommerville stepped away from her regular life and travelled to Cuba, she was hoping for some relaxing time, hopefully uncovering some information about her ancestry and capturing the story of the country with her Nikon camera. However, her stay did not go as...

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