Fiction - Paranormal

A Hell For All Seasons

By Emiliya Ahmadova

A Hell For All Seasons by Emiliya Ahmadova is a collection of horrific tales about the people who managed to escape damnation. From accidentally bartering your soul to a demon, to breaking up marriages if only for the sake of your vanity, to even being...

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The Elementals Book Two
By L.B. Gilbert

When Logan, an Air Elemental whose role in life is to police other Supernaturals' behaviour, is pitted against Connell, a macho Alpha werewolf searching for the person who stole his Wolf, sparks are sure to fly. These two unlikely partners join forces to uncover the...

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By Benoit Chartier

Afterdeath by Benoit Chartier is a well-crafted tale that will interest fans of young adult paranormal stories. The story starts on a very dismal note that will immediately enable the reader to connect with the compelling characters: “No angels showed up at Grandma Rose’s funeral....


By Russ Watts

Russ Watts’ Adrenal7n follows Bashar, a Syria immigrant to England, as he desperately searches for a job. No matter how qualified Bashar is, as soon as potential employers learn he is Syrian, they shut down. After another failed interview, Bashar stops in a café for...


By Rebekkah Ford

‘Some birds cannot be caged, and I’m one of them,’ says the title character in Ameerah by Rebekkah Ford. Ameerah is an eighteen-year-old young woman living in the heyday of Prohibition, living her life by her rules instead of those of her upper class, snobbish...

Affinity's Window

By Douglas Wilson

Charming little Affinity Bell may not be exactly what she appears in Affinity’s Window by Douglas Wilson. You realize this pretty quickly as each day starts out the same ... except for the added intensity and horror Affinity experiences as she tries to prevent The...

Ascent of the Fallen

By Rebecca Ciardullo

If you believe in angels and demons and hell, then Ascent of the Fallen by Rebecca Ciardullo is a book for you, and we aren’t talking about Angels and Demons in the way they are featured in Dan Brown’s books. Meet Rue, one of the...


By G.A. Minton

Antitheus by G.A. Minton is a blend of horror and fantasy, a story that brilliantly handles the all-time conflict between good and evil. The very title of the book suggests a subject that is “against God,” and yes, readers are drawn into a world where...

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A Life Before

By Julien Ayotte

A Life Before by Julien Ayotte is a wonderful paranormal story with strong elements of suspense. At thirteen, Samantha starts having nightmares about the murder of a woman she doesn't know and has never met before. She’s been to a sleep psychologist, who determined that...

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A Change Of Heart

The Royal Blood Chronicles Book 1
By Mark Benjamin

A Change of Heart by Mark Benjamin follows the story of Gabriel as he finds his way into the midst of a vampire war. The humans hate the vampires. The vampires have an internal fight for power. Gabriel just wants to get home without bullies...