Fiction - Short Story/Novela

Rosie's Scarf

A Short Story & Infinity Scarf Pattern
By Christina Galeone

Rosie’s Scarf by Christina Galeone is a short story that captivates you. Kate is a single woman and her friend, Lexi, is forever trying to fix her up with eligible men which has never worked out well. Both women love to knit and Lexi offers...

Love, Savory and Sweet

A Romance Novella
By Ronnda Eileen Henry

Love, Savory and Sweet by Ronnda Eileen Henry is an historic short story/novella and tells the story of Lady Krysantha who meets a widower, William, and is proverbially swept off her feet by him. They marry and have a son and are very happy, until...


A Collection of Stories
By Christopher T. Werkman

Girlfriending by Christopher T. Werkman is a lovely collection of intriguing short stories. I have never read a collection with so many diverse settings, characters and situations. Each story, whether one page long or several, transports you into its universe effortlessly. I was hooked from...

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More Spooky Tales Inspired by Real Ghost Stories

Can You See Me, The Good Neighbor, & Other Ghostly Encounters
By Autumn Chills

More Spooky Tales Inspired by Real Ghost Stories, by Autumn Chills, is a collection of short stories that remind us that our loved ones will comfort us, even in death. Like a pool of memories, these stories remind us of the times when we were...

Guilty Pleasures

By Shannon Schoolcraft

Guilty Pleasures is a romance novella by Shannon Schoolcraft. Lexi, a hotel chambermaid, has a one-night stand with a handsome man named Chase Dean. She later discovers he is her boss, but the attraction is too great between them to be ignored. Chase seems to...

Sheltered Hope

Read Write Ponder, Book 4
By Richelle Renae

Sheltered Hope is a heart-warming animal story from the Read Write Ponder Series, written by Richelle Renae. A twelve-year-old boy brings a stray puppy home to the farm, much to the discontent of his parents. After some gentle coaxing and convincing, however, the boy is...

The Cleanser

Vargrom, Book 3
By Kevin Hopson

The Cleanser: Vargrom, Book 3 is a dark epic fantasy short story written by Kevin Hopson. While this is the third book in the series, the author provides enough background information to enable this to be read and enjoyed as a standalone story. Serell was...

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After the Pemberley Ball

By Margaret Lynette Sharp

Lady Catherine's disapproval of her daughter's choice of a partner is clear. Artist David King had apparently taken a liking to Anne, although there are whispers it was more about her fortune than any other reason. Anne is not beautiful, and her health is not...


A Windflower Saga Novella (The Windflower Saga) (Volume 16)
By Aleksandra Layland

Every life has a story. Even the secondary characters in a fictional novel have a story to tell. Albina is one of these secondary characters, but her story is worth telling, too. And what better way to tell Albina’s story than in her own words,...

Pebbles in the water

Short stories by Mandar Naik
By Mandar Naik

Pebbles in the Water by Mandar Naik is a series of short stories that reveal an element of realism associated with humanity. The book consists of four stories. The Third Companion is about a woman who just found out that her dead husband had an...