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The Hypnotist's Daughter

By Brittany Raschdorf

Young adult fiction isn’t my usual genre of choice, but the description of The Hypnotist's Daughter by Brittany Raschdorf was tantalizing. It hinted at something sinister: “In the movie industry, you don't get something for nothing”, and in light of the latest Hollywood scandal surrounding...

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A Novel
By Marie Minnich

A wonderful story that expertly handles the themes of family, love, art, and addiction, Fireflies: A Novel by Marie Minnich is lyrical and utterly entertaining. Readers will adore the way the author explores the climates of a troubled, addictive soul. Casey Cavanaugh is exceptionally intelligent,...

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Xenon Phobia

By Sterling Emmal

Xenon Phobia is a dark urban fantasy novella written by Sterling Emmal. Xenon was probably the only medical student who had braved the rigors of medical school and internship in order to take lives instead of saving them. She was coming from a very dark...

We Were Ghosts

The Secret Life of a Survivor
By Tabitha Barret

Some stories should never be uttered. Some are the most important words ever to be penned. The pain in We Were Ghosts: The Secret Life of a Survivor by Tabitha Barret is the most important story I have read in long, long time. As Alicia...

On the Bricks

By Penni Jones

On the Bricks, set in the small town of West Plains, Arkansas, is the debut novel from Penni Jones. And from the opening chapters, the hopelessness of a drug-fuelled, dead-end existence for the main characters seeps uncomfortably, yet convincingly from the pages. Ms. Jones’...

Torn Poems

By Hugh Dysart

Hugh Dysart's collection, Torn Poems, threads in a professional career as a musician with stances he takes on politics, love, and the state of the world in which we live today. With all that passion, Dysart then creates poetry that conveys a certain authority that...

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The Jade Emperor

By Suzanne Jenkins

Kelly Boyd wants nothing more than to be with her family. Even if her work as a nurse was demanding and tiring, and even if there wasn’t much color in her marriage, she’d look forward to the weekend and to precious time with her six...

Dominica's Inferno

By Joanna Maharis

Born to difficult and lazy parents, Dominica Moore lives in a kind of hell, with abuse and rejection. She feels like rebelling against everyone. She wasn’t born with her bread buttered for her, and besides the pressure she experiences from her domineering parents, she also...

The Shores of Our Souls

By Kathryn Brown Ramsperger

The Shores of Our Souls by Kathryn Brown Ramsperger chronicles the love story between Qasim, a Lebanese U.N. diplomat, and Dianna, a young researcher at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1980’s Manhattan. Both worlds collide in a chance encounter at a bar, though nothing...

Satyr’s Son

A Georgian Historical Romance (Roxton Family Saga Book 5)
By Lucinda Brant

Satyr’s Son: A Georgian Historical Romance is book five in the Roxton Family Saga by Lucinda Brant, a compelling historical romance with memorable characters and a great plot. The setting is London, in 1786, and Lord Henri-Antoine is back from a Grand Tour to a...