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By MJ Meads

I had mixed feelings about Milk by MJ Meads. The story is about a young teenage girl named Becky. Becky’s mom passes away and she feels ignored by her father. She turns to her mother’s best friend, Mike, for comfort. Mike also happens to be...

Who Wants to be a Songwriter Anyway?

Getting our Lives Back!
By Stanley G Buford

Who Wants to be a Songwriter Anyway? by Stanley G. Buford is an inspiring young adult book about two young sisters named Lou and Tiaara. The two girls and their family had been on a plane when it was hijacked five years ago. The girls...

Always Hope

By Heidi Renee Mason, Hot Tree Publishing

Always Hope by Heidi Renee Mason is a real, emotional and tantalizing story. Hope believed that when she left home at age 18 to marry Jonathan, she would be rid of her estranged relationship with her mother, the broken dreams, pain and promises, and the...

Running Wild Anthology of Short Stories

Volume 1
By Lisa Diane Kastner

Words are about expressions of emotions or events. Words can tell a story, become a novel, create a poem or become as personal as in a memoir, biography or autobiography. In Running Wild Anthology of Short Stories Volume 1 by Lisa Diane Kastner, you will...

Blues Harp Green

By Nicole Schubert

Blues Harp Green is a young adult novel by Nicole Schubert. The novel’s protagonist, Francie Millis - aka FM - is a 16-year-old girl who lives in LA. Francie’s dream is to become the ultimate tennis player. She tries so hard to focus on tennis...

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Bombs Bursting In Air

By Lisa A. McCombs

"If I had learned anything about life after Dad’s death, it was to expect the unexpected,” says Americka - aka Meri - in Bombs Bursting In Air by Lisa A. McCombs. When Meri went with her dad, a retired veteran, to see a war movie,...

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By Kath Berryman

“‘We must protect the chalice and the sacred writings!’ cried Niamh of the Golden Hair. The sound of her commanding voice reduced the sound of the wailing wind to a frustrated whisper.” These are words we read at the opening of this enthralling tale of...

Fifteen Seconds of Normal

By Alex Marestaing

Kaeya moved to a new school with the hopes of being treated like a “normal” teenager by her peers. It’s hard to hide her Tourette’s, but she manages and even draws the attention of the boy she’s crushing on. Unfortunately, that boy’s not Thatcher, who...

Sweet Fifteen

By Beth Rodgers

As Margot begins her sophomore year at Kipperton High School, she is optimistic that it will be a vast improvement upon her freshman experience. With friends Ashley, Cassie, and Walter by her side, Margot is pumped to begin a new chapter in her life; preferably...

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Beneath these Stars

Lucy Mitchell Book 2
By Hannah Ellis

“How had my life come to this?” says Lucy Mitchell in the Lucy Mitchell Series, Beneath These Stars (Lucy Mitchell Book 2) by Hannah Ellis. When Lucy met Adam over a year ago at a TV reality show, she knew she had met the one....

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