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His Other Wife

By Margaret Blake

Fabio loved Roxie and left her a large sum on money in his will.  When Saul began distributing his brother’s estate he met Roxie for the first time.   Her son was obviously Fabio’s.  He found himself drawn to her and Josh.  Roxie resisted her desires. ...

Laird of the Mist

By Paula Quinn

Orphaned, Kate Campbell’s uncle cared nothing for her and her brother when they were children, but now that she is a beautiful young woman, the pervert wanted to offer her protection. Two men loyal to her father raised her; they taught her to fight with...

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Legend and the Laird, The

By Marissa St. James

When some of the Druids decided to use their powers for their own benefit, the Guardians of Time were formed to protect the world from the ripple effect. Meredith and Aiden were two of the Guardians. They set up a safe haven in Scotland. The...

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Magical Kisses

A Jewels of the Quill Valentine's Day Anthology
By Dee Lloyd, Carrie S. Masek, Nancy Pirri, Jane Toombs, Karen Wiesner, Karen Woods

“Magic Kisses” Carrie S. Masek I will never look at a chocolate kiss the same again. Eliza was a bit quirky, but she was not nearly as quirky as her friends. “Magic Kisses” is a delightful read. The characters have their own special bit of uniqueness. The...

Moon Night

By C.J. Winters

Keefer Schuyler and Tara Wolcott met on a blind date. They were getting to know each other on an old-fashioned hayride. Suddenly there was a bright light. The confused couple was transported back in time into the bodies of Nels and Ivy. They must learn...


By Elizabeth Jennings

Robert Haine planned to marry Charlotte Court so he could inherit her father’s company.  When he could not get her to accept his proposal he turned to murder.  Charlotte witnessed her father’s murder by the Haine’s right hand man.   The plan was to make it...

Savage Utopia

By Margaret Tanner

The 1700 British government used Australia as a penal colony. The convicts were loaded on a ship, and six months later, they disembarked in a land that was mostly untamed and harsh. Accused of assaulting her stepmother, Maryanne was sentenced to seven years in Australia....

Scarlet Spy, The

By Andrea Pickens

The young orphans are trained by the best. They learn to steal, kill and investigate. They call themselves The Merlins. Sophia doesn’t remember her family. She wears a locket that contains a photo of a woman that could be her...

Seduced By A Spy

By Andrea Pickens

Seduced By A Spy was a great read. I could hardly wait to turn the pages. Former students of Mrs. Merlin's Academy for Select Young Ladies were well trained spies. The highly regarded academy took in orphans from the slums of London. Shannon was one of...

Seducing A Scottish Bride

By Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Gelis MacKenzie may never get married. She has plenty of suitors but none meet her father’s high standards. Her father loves her dearly and in his eyes no man is good enough for her. The latest offer is from Ronan MacRuari. ...

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Seeing Me Naked

By Liza Palmer

Elisabeth Ben Page was a pastry chef. Her father and brother were writers. She found it difficult to live up to such legends. She has little self-esteem, and her family considers her choice of career to be unworthy. Elisabeth is an extremely talented chef with...

Soul Savers

By Donna McGillivray

Raechel Martin received a letter from attorney James Wharton, informing her that Jonathan Sheffield had passed away and that she needed to be present for the reading of his will. She was skeptical, since she had never heard of Sheffield. Alex Forest had received the...

Still Running

By Judah Raine

Josie is left with the responsibility of two small children when their mother deserts them. She takes her responsibilities as a nanny very seriously. She had no desire to return to Durban where she had a past; unfortunately, that was where the twin’s paternal family...


By Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown weaves many strands together to create a tapestry of romance and suspense. Psychopath murderer, Carl Herbold, escaped from prison with a plan for revenge. His stepfather, Delray Corbett, hires Jack Sawyer to protect his daughter-in-law and grandson. Emery Lomax is working with Eastpark...

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Water Bearer, The

By Wendi Christner

Cassidy carries a deep guilty. As a young child, she accidentally set fire to her home and lost both of her parents. This story begins with the summer after her graduation from high school. She plans to go away to school and never return to...

Welcome to Mudflat, Baby

Mudflat 2
By Phoebe Matthews

This is the second book in the Mudflat series. Previously, Clair had wandered into a time portal and ended up in a mystical land where there were castles, warriors fighting with swords, and no modern conveniences. Tarik’s love for her was deep; he missed her...

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Wild Side

By Laurie Lonsdale

Music promoter for Impact Music, Kelly, knew her job was on the line. Checkered Past was her assignment. The hard rock, heavy metal band was depending on her to make them stand out in the crowd of bands. Her fantasies revolved around sexy men living...

Willow Creek

Cheyenne Trilogy, Book III
By Carolyn Lampman

The setting is WY in the late 1800’s. The cattle ranchers and the farmers did not get along. The ranchers hated the barbed wire fences and the farmers thought the ranchers foolish for not feeding hay. Levi Cantrell was enchanted with tomboy Nicki Chandler. Unfortunately,...

101 Ways to clean Out the Clutter

By Emilie Barnes

101 Ways to clean Out the Clutter by Emilie Barnes promotes the idea that less is better. She stresses the philosophy I have lived by for several years, put it in its place; if you do not use it lose it, and make a list...

Beauty Sleep

Look Younger, Lose Weight, and Feel Great Through Better Sleep
By Michael Breus, Ph. D.

Beauty Sleep by Dr. Michael Breus takes a look at Sleep disorders, discusses the importance of sleep and how to sleep better. He offers quizzes to assist you in determining why you are not sleeping well. Many factor’s disturb our sleep including what we eat,...