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Woman of the Wind

By Mary Katherine Arensberg

This book starts out in Connecticut in 1876. When the Pettigrew family home burns to the ground, James Pettigrew decides the best thing for his family is to move to the Idaho territory. While the oldest son, Lewis, hates to leave because their mother is...

Miracle From The Mountain

By Mary Katherine Arensberg

"Miracle from the Mountain" is the retelling of the legend of Hazel. Deep in the hollows of the Ozark Mountains, Bella finds a newborn baby girl. She names the child Hazel. Bella raises the child as her own, teaching her the art of healing. The...


By Mary Katherine Arensberg

Rosalie’s parents were very controlling. They wanted to protect her from all bad things. She was only allowed to be with proper people and to have only the right education. They sought respect and honor for their children. The setting is the early 1900s in...

Naomi of the Arizona Territory

By Mary Katherine Arensberg

Calvert Hart was fascinated with Naomi Atkins from the moment he heard her laughter. The red haired beauty with turquoise colored eyes captivated him. Unfortunately for him, her parents considered him worthless. His parents were not any happier but love won out and the two...

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