Beyond the Horizon

Overcoming the Fear of Death

Christian - Living
68 Pages
Reviewed on 11/05/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Susana Pena for Readers' Favorite

Beyond the Horizon: Overcoming the Fear of Death by Charles G. Branz is a scripture-based book written by an author who has experience in both the medical profession and in ministry. The two main goals of the book are to show the reader how God is the creator of eternal life and to abolish the fear of death that most people suffer from. The majority of the book focuses on our human body, soul, and spirit. It explains in detail the function of each of these bodily components and it teaches us what happens to them after our death. The end of the book includes a Prayer of Commitment that offers readers the opportunity to be born again by accepting God as their Lord and Savior. By doing so, they are assured that they will have eternal salvation in heaven.

The fear of death is one of the most common fears that the majority of people have. It probably outranks the other popular fears that most human beings suffer from such as the fear of heights, enclosed spaces, or public speaking. This fear of death is so powerful that it paralyzes many people to the point that they avoid talking about the subject. All this fear of the unknown can be demolished by learning what exactly happens to one’s body, soul, and spirit after death. Beyond the Horizon: Overcoming the Fear of Death by Charles G. Branz teaches us the meaning behind many Bible verses that talk about our earthly and heavenly bodies. This informative book tries to help us understand that the fear of death can be lessened or eliminated by personally acknowledging God as our Lord and Savior.