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12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles
By Patricia Furstenberg

Puppy: 12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles is a dog lover’s delight. Written by Patricia Furstenberg, Puppy deals with the many reasons people bring a puppy into their lives. Not only does it deal with a puppy’s initial reaction to its new home, but this...

Paisley the Goat

By Rocio Monroy

Paisley the Goat by Rocio Monroy is a colorful children’s illustrated story for kids who are learning their numbers. A goat named Paisley cannot sleep, no matter what he tries. You can probably relate if you have kids and the little ones won’t lie down...


Adventures of An Expat Dog
By Jackie Clark Mancuso

What does a dog do to adapt to new surroundings in a strange country? How does he communicate past hello and goodbye? Paris-Chien (Adventures of An Expat Dog) by Jackie Clark Mancuso is a cute children's book about Hudson, a fun-loving terrier that relocates to...

Pepsi the Problem Puppy

By Sandi Parsons

Pepsi the Problem Puppy is a children’s book written by Sandi Parsons and illustrated by Aśka. After deciding to adopt a rescue puppy from the animal shelter, Dave Parsons quickly discovers that not all dogs are as adorable as they look in a photo. Dave’s...


A Lonely, Little Lovebird Down Under
By Remi Nicole

Peck: A Lonely, Little Lovebird Down Under is an animal picture book for children written by Remi Nicole and illustrated by Mabel Chong. Peck was the tiniest bird in the forest, but he definitely had the biggest heart. He loved to chirp and sing his...

Pug with a Passport

A Kids' Travel Guide, Book 1
By Marie Story

Pug with a Passport is a children’s book, written and illustrated by Marie Story. Kipling Pug has the travel bug and carefully explains the steps involved in taking a holiday, whether it be local or abroad. Whether getting his passport photo taken, going through the...

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Puffy and the Formidable Foe

By Ann Marie Hannon

Puffy and the Formidable Foe by Ann M. Hannon, Marie G. Lepkowski, and Margaret B. Hannon is the cute story of Puffy the cat who goes hunting for a rat. He pokes his head into a hole and finds a mole instead. He decides to...

Pen the Tale, Oogie

By Karen J. Moore

Pen the Tale, Oogie by Karen J. Moore is a fun children's book about a great big bear named Oogie, the greatest storyteller in the forest. One night, as Oogie was telling a story to the animals of the forest, he tasted the first chill...

Pip the Penguin Wants to Fly

By Jane Finch

Pip the Penguin Wants to Fly is an educational children’s book, written by Jane Finch and illustrated by Aysha Samrin. Feeling depressed, a young penguin is approached by a seagull and a sparrow. When they inquire as to what’s wrong, Pip tells them that he...

Peaches The Corgi

It's Time For a Bath
By Jessica Sorto

Peaches the Corgi: It's Time for a Bath by Jessica Sorto is a fun children's book that follows a corgi named Peaches. One day, Peaches plays in the mud and gets really dirty, and tracks mud everywhere. His owner decides that he needs a bath,...