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I Want To Ride...

By Geraldine Duchatelier, Cassandra Duchatelier

I Want to Ride... by Geraldine Duchatelier and Cassandra Duchatelier is an educational and interactive book for children that will teach them the concepts of opposites, rhyming words, and comparison. The little boy takes readers through his moments in the park and his observation teaches...

I Miss My Best Friend

By Penelope Lagos

What strikes one most deeply while reading I Miss My Best Friend - a condensed tale of love, friendship, and loss – is Penelope Lagos’s decision, decisively well executed, of telling a most personal family story. This is not a generic rendition of “our family...

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Inky and the King

By Richard Wickliffe

Inky and the King by Richard Wickliffe is a story with a nautical theme in which Inky the squid and the King of all Music become friends after Inky frees the latter from the belt he has been trapped in for years. He tells Inky...

I Am Kitty the Kitten

Photo Book
By Hemmo Vattulainen

I Am Kitty the Kitten is a picture book for animal lovers, written by Hemmo Vattulainen. Narrated by Kitty herself, Kitty the Kitten showcases the important moments in this Calico kitten’s early life. After travelling to her new home, Kitty finds a delicious meal waiting...

Icicle Flies

And Learns an Important Lesson
By R W Thompson

Icicle Flies (And Learns An Important Lesson) by R.W. Thompson revolves around Icicle, a young Emperor Penguin. Icicle wakes up one day after Christmas 2016 and sees that huge snowdrifts have formed because of the snowstorm the previous night. She wants to go out and...

I Am a Butterfly

A Story About Big, Beautiful Changes
By Sally Stone

I Am a Butterfly: A Story About Big, Beautiful Changes is a nonfiction educational picture book for children written by Sally Stone. The main character is a beautiful monarch butterfly, but she didn’t always look like she does now. At first, she was a tiny...

If You Don't Take a Bath

By Sally Hutchins Willett

If You Don't Take a Bath is a children’s picture book written by Sally Hutchins Willett and illustrated by Benjamin Norcross. Lots of kids don’t exactly jump up and down for joy when it’s time to take a bath. In fact, some will do just...

I'm Your Buddy

By Carol Ann Rowell

Wow! With images that are so realistic and colorful, illustrator Pamela Becker has done an excellent job illustrating I’m Your Buddy: A True Story about a Goffin Cockatoo. People are hardest to draw, but her highlights, shadows, and tones make them look real. The full-page...

Izzie the Inchworm's First Day of School

By Viki Heagy

Izzie the Inchworm's First Day of School by Viki Heagy is a fun children's book that follows a young inchworm named Izzie. It is Izzie's first day at a new school, and she's feeling very nervous. She doesn't have any friends at the new school,...

If I Was A Caterpillar

By Ben Jackson, Sam Lawrence

If I Was A Caterpillar by Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence is a fun children's book. The book explores what to do if you were a caterpillar. If you were an caterpillar, would you wear different shoes on each of your feet? Would you travel...

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