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Hudson in Provence

A Paris-Chien Adventure
By Jackie Clark Mancuso

Hudson in Provence is a Paris–Chien adventure by author and illustrator Jackie Clark Mancuso. Travel with a dog named Hudson as he vacations in Provence, an area in the south of France. While on vacation, Hudson reads a book about working dogs so he can...

How Do You Do?

By J.R. Poulter

The children’s picture storybook, How Do You Do? by J.R. Poulter, is a cute little tale. In this book, Poulter educates children on how different farm animals greet everyone and say hello. This charming picture storybook features both the adult animals and the baby animals....

Howie's Journal

A Service Dog's Playful Journey
By G.G. Conte

Howie’s Journal: A Service Dog’s Playful Journey is an insightful and inspiring story, narrated by a service dog and written by G.G. Conte. After careful training, Howie patiently waits to be chosen by a special human who loves him and is in need of his...

Hip Hop Hurrah!

Zoo Dance
By J.R.Poulter

Hip Hop Hurrah! Zoo Dance by J.R. Poulter is a young children's (3-7 years) illustrated book about animals dancing and otherwise actively moving for fun. They are dressed as people with the intent of engaging young readers to relate to the spirit of movement and...

Hop and Chomp

A Caterpillar Story
By Gita V. Reddy

Hop and Chomp: A Caterpillar Story by Gita V. Reddy is the adorable story of Hop, a young grasshopper, and Chomp, a caterpillar, who become friends. Hop sees an egg hatch on a leaf one day and the wiggly thing that comes out takes a...

Hombo The Tortoise

Going To School With Loud Animals
By Godwin Temisa

Hombo and his two children will captivate the hearts of young readers in Hombo The Tortoise: Going To School With Loud Animals by Godwin Temisa. Hombo’s children are not fast like Speedy the dog and they cannot hike like Sassy the Ferret, but they are...

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Have You Ever Heard of a Dweazle?

By Chris Mulcahy

Have you ever heard of a Polanusnore, a Merpladoe or a Larplaglomp? Really, you've never met or heard of any of these creatures? Well, these are some of the unusual, eclectic characters that live on Dwinidigdig Island. Have You Ever Heard of a Dweazle? by...

Huck's Duck Clucked

By Kelly Day PhD.

It’s a weird and wacky day on Huck’s farm because all the animals are making different sounds. The duck is clucking instead of quacking and the cow is meowing instead of mooing. Huck’s Duck Clucked is a rhyming and creative story of farm animals that...

Helium Heart

By Dan Absalonson

Helium Heart is a heartbreaking tale of the bond between a young boy and his dog, as written by Dan Absalonson. Never before have I read a tale of such sadness, as the boy’s dog, Rusty, which has lived such a full and happy life,...

How Santa Got his Reindeer

By Pam Atherstone

How Santa Got his Reindeer by Pam Atherstone is a fun children's book about Santa Claus. Santa delivers presents to all the young boys and girls. He used to deliver the toys on foot, but every year there were more and more children. Santa becomes...